Computer People - S

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'S'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Saadia Muzaffar
Marketing, sales and business executive and organizer of Startup Weekends.
Category: Founder, President, Twitter, and Writer
Sabeer Bhatia
Indian American who founded the Hotmail email service.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Writer
Safra Catz
Israeli-born American business executive at Oracle Corporation.
Category: Female, President, and Writer
Salman Khan
American educator, entrepreneur, and founder of the Khan Academy
Category: Analyst, Entrepreneur, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Sam Schillace
One of the founders of Writely, which was sold to Google for Google Docs.
Category: Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Samuel Caldwell
American electrical engineer known for his pioneering work with early computers.
Category: Engineer and Writer
Samuel Hopkins
First person granted U.S. patent.
Category: President and Writer
Samuel Morland
17th century English academic, inventor, spy, diplomat, mathematician, and inventor of adding machines.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, and Writer
Samuel Morse
Inventor of Morse code.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Samuel Palmisano
Short biography of Samuel Palmisano the President and chief executive officer of IBM from 2000-2012.
Category: Chairman, President, and Writer
Samuel Soule
Co-inventor of the first practical typewriter in 1969.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Samy Kamkar
Computer security researcher known for creating Evercookie
Category: Founder, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Sander Kaasjager
Dutch professional game player of the first person shooter game Painkiller.
Category: Gamer and Writer
Sandra Kurtzig
Software management firm and former CEO of the ASK Group.
Category: CEO, Female, Twitter, and Writer
Sandra Lerner
Co-founder of Cisco Systems and founder of Urban Decay cosmetics.
Category: Female, Founder, and Writer
Sarah Lane
American television and Internet personality.
Category: Female, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Satya Nadella
Indian-American business executive and current Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.
Category: President, Twitter, and Writer
Saul Rosen
Lead software designer for the world's first transistorized computer, the Philco TRANSAC S-2000.
Category: Programmer and Writer
Savvas Chamberlain
Inventor, scientist and professor who invented silicon image sensors.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Scott Cook
Founder of Intuit in 1983 and currently chairman of the board of Intuit.
Category: Chairman, Director, Founder, and Writer
Scott Fahlman
First person to use a smiley emoticon.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Scott Forstall
Senior vice president of iOS Software at Apple Inc.
Category: Director, President, and Writer
Scott Guthrie
Known for his work on ASP.NET.
Category: President, Twitter, and Writer
Scott Mcnealy
American businessman and co-founded computer technology company Sun Microsystems in 1982.
Category: CEO, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Scott Mueller
Author of books about personal computers and one of the most trusted authoritative hardware voices in the industry.
Category: President and Writer
Sebastian Thrun
Founder of Google X, home to projects like the Google self-driving car and Google Glass.
Category: CEO, Founder, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Sellam Ismail
Operator of VintageTech, a consultancy specializing in obsolete computers.
Category: Founder and Writer
Semen Korsakov
Russian government official, homeopath, and inventor known for his early involvement in information technology.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Sergey Brin
Co-founder of Google.
Category: Founder and Writer
Sergio Verdu
Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University who teaches and conducts research on Information Theory.
Category: Professor, Twitter, and Writer
Seymour Cray
Founder of Cray.
Category: Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Seymour Papert
MIT mathematician and educator and one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Seymour Rubinstein
PC software industry pioneer who helped develop WordStar, HelpDesk, Quattro Pro.
Category: Director and Writer
Shafi Goldwasser
Professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.
Category: Female, Inventor, Professor, and Writer
Shawn Fanning
Computer programmer and co-founder of Napster.
Category: Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Sheryl Sandberg
American businesswoman and chief operating officer of Facebook.
Category: Female, President, Twitter, and Writer
Shigeru Miyamoto
Japanese video game designer and producer known as the creator of some of the most successful video game franchises including Donkey Kong.
Category: Writer
Shiraz Shivji
African born Electrical Engineer and chief designer of the Atari ST computer.
Category: Engineer and Writer
Shuling Garver
Engineering manager for Intel and the first franchisee for Engineering for Kids.
Category: Manager and Writer
Shyam Sankar
Director of Forward Deployed Engineering at Palantir Technologies.
Category: Director, Manager, Twitter, and Writer
Sidney Harman
American business man who with Bernard Kardon made the first integrated hi-fi receiver and founded Harman Kardon
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Writer
Sidney Meier
Canadian programmer and video game designer known for video game Civilization.
Category: Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Simon Phipps
And open source advocate and founder of IBM's Java Technology Center.
Category: CEO, Founder, President, Programmer, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Simon Travaglia
Author of BOFH (the Bastard Operator from Hell) series.
Category: Analyst, Programmer, and Writer
Sky Dayton
American entrepreneur, founder of EarthLink, co-founder of eCompanies and founder and chairman of Boingo
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Twitter, and Writer
Solomon Golomb
American engineer, mathematician, and professor known for his development of mathematical games.
Category: Coined, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, and Writer
Sophia Bekele
Business and corporate executive and Executive Director and Founder of DotConnectAfrica Trust.
Category: CEO, Director, Female, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Stanford Ovshinsky
Pioneer of modern software development techniques.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Stanley Frankel
American computer scientist who designed the LGP-30 single-user desk computer in 1956.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Stanley Gill
British computer scientist known for inventing the first computer subroutine.
Category: Inventor, President, Scientist, and Writer
Stephanie Shirley
British businesswoman and philanthropist who is best known for founding the software company F.I. Group.
Category: Female, Founder, President, and Writer
Stephen Cook
American-Canadian computer scientist and mathematician and one of the forefathers of computational complexity theory.
Category: Father, Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
Stephen Dunwell
American Electrical Engineer who led the engineering effort in the development of IBM's STRETCH
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
Stephen Hawking
British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author.
Category: Physicist, President, and Writer
Stephen Keckler
Senior Director of Architecture Research at NVIDIA who's interested in technology-scalable architectures.
Category: Director, Professor, and Writer
Stephen Kleene
American mathematician and co-founder of the branch of mathematical logic known as recursion theory.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Mathematician, and Writer
Stephen Robertson
British computer scientist known for work on information retrieval and inverse document frequency.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Stephen Wolfram
Founder of Wolfram|Alpha.
Category: Founder, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Ballmer
CEO of Microsoft.
Category: CEO, Manager, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Bristow
Former VP of Engineering at Atari who helped design the Atari 2600.
Category: Engineer and Writer
Steve Capps
American computer programmer and engineer known for his work on the Apple Inc. Macintosh computer and Newton OS during the 1980s and 1990s.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
Steve Case
Co-founder of America Online (AOL).
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Chen
Co-founder of YouTube.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Writer
Steve Crocker
Short biography of Steve Crocker who created the first FTC and help create the ARPANET protocols.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Steve Dorner
American software engineer known for developing the Eudora e-mail client in 1988.
Category: Director, Engineer, and Writer
Steve Garfield
Videographer, video blogging pioneer and co-founder of New Mediacracy podcast.
Category: Founder, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Gibson
Computer enthusiast, software engineer and security researcher.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Personality, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Jobs
Co-founder of and former CEO of the Apple company.
Category: CEO, Director, Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Steve Kirsch
American computer scientist and entrepreneur known for inventing the optical mouse.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Mann
Researcher and inventor known for his work on computational photography and wearable computing.
Category: Editor, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Steve Mcconnell
Author of software engineering textbooks including Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art.
Category: Writer
Steve Meretzky
American computer game developer and interactive fiction writer.
Category: Gamer and Writer
Steve Russell
Computer scientist who helped create Spacewar! one of the earliest videogames.
Category: Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Steve Wolff
One of the fathers of the Internet and developer of NSFNET.
Category: Director, Father, President, Researcher, and Writer
Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple and Father of the Apple computer.
Category: CEO, Father, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Steven Bourne
British computer scientist known for authoring the Bourne shell.
Category: President, Scientist, and Writer
Steven Coons
Computer Graphics early pioneer, author, and former Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Category: Professor and Writer
Steven Punter
Also known as Punter or Old Punter.
Category: Programmer and Writer
Steven Sinofsky
President of the Windows Division at Microsoft from July 2009 through his departure on November 12, 2012
Category: President, Twitter, and Writer
Stewart Brand
American writer, best known as editor of the Whole Earth Catalog.
Category: Editor, Founder, Hacker, Inventor, and Writer
Stewart Cheifet
Television host and producer of Computer Chronicles.
Category: Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Stu Galley
American computer programmer and interactive fiction game author.
Category: Editor, Programmer, and Writer
Stuart Cheshire
Senior Scientist at Apple Computer and author of Mac multi-player game Bolo who Pioneered Zeroconf networking
Category: Programmer, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Stuart Feldman
Creator of the computer software program Make for UNIX systems and author of the first Fortran 77 compiler.
Category: President and Writer
Stuart Moulthrop
Author of hypertext fiction works Victory Garden.
Category: Founder, Professor, and Writer
Stuart Russell
Innovator in the philosophy and practice of Artificial Intelligence.
Category: Professor and Writer
Sue Gardner
Canadian journalist and Executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation (2007-2013).
Category: Director, Female, Twitter, and Writer
Sugata Mitra
Professor at Newcastle University in England known for his
Category: Professor, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Susan Decker
American business executive and former president of Yahoo! Inc.
Category: Analyst, Director, Investor, President, Twitter, and Writer
Susan Dumais
Principal Researcher in the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search (CLUES) Group of Microsoft Research.
Category: Female, Professor, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Susan Kare
Artist and graphic designer who created many of the interface elements for the Apple Macintosh in the 1980's.
Category: Director, Female, and Writer
Susan Wojcicki
American businesswoman and CEO of YouTube.
Category: CEO, Female, Twitter, and Writer
Sven Jaschan
Self-confessed author of the NetSky and Sasser computer worm.
Category: Writer
Sviatoslav Pestov
Creator of Factor, a scripting language for a video game which was later incorporated into Java.
Category: Editor and Writer

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