Savvas Chamberlain

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Savvas Chamberlin

Name: Savvas Chamberlain

Born: Unknown in Cyprus

Computer-related contributions

  • Inventor, scientist, professor, and entrepreneur.
  • Invented silicon image sensors.
  • Discovered new technology on Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) devices and MOSFET.
  • Researched the field of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits for over 25 years.
  • Founded DALSA Corporation (1980).
  • CEO of EXEL Research Inc.

Significant publications

  • Published more than 150 papers in scientific journals in the area of CCDs and semiconductor devices.

Honors and awards

  • Awarded Member of the Order of Canada (2009).
  • Fellow of The Canadian Academy of Engineering (2008).
  • Ontario Premier's Catalyst award for innovation (2007).
  • Awarded a distinguished professor Emeritus of the University of Waterloo (1999).