Stanley Frankel

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Stanley FrankelName: Stanley (Stan) Phillips Frankel

Born: 1919

Death: May, 1978 (Age: 59)

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist who assisted in the development of computational techniques used in the nuclear research.
  • Designed the CONAC computer for the Continental Oil Company (1954–1957).
  • Designed the LGP-30 single-user desk computer in 1956.

Significant publications

  • Simplified Theory of Reflectometric Thickness Measurement of Structured Soap and Related Films (1966).
  • On the ‘Dimpling' During the Approach of Two Surfaces (1962).
  • A Logic Design for a Microwave Computer (1959).
  • On the Minimum Logical Complexity Required for a General Purpose Computer (1958).