Stephen Keckler

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Stephen KecklerName: Stephen W. Keckler

Born: Unknown

Computer related contributions

  • Senior Director of Architecture Research at NVIDIA.
  • Research interests are technology-scalable and parallel computer architectures, interconnection networks, low-power systems, and high-performance computing.
  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin.


  • A Compile-Time Managed Multi-Level Register File Hierarchy (2011)
  • Convergence and Scalarization for Data-Parallel Architectures
  • Unifying Primary Cache, Scratch, and Register File Memories in a Throughput Processor
  • Energy-efficient Mechanisms for Managing Thread Context in Throughput Processors

Honors and awards

  • ACM Fellow (2012)
  • IEEE Fellow (2011)
  • Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award for Engineering, The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas (2010)
  • ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award (2003)
  • Sloan Foundation Research Fellow