Trevor Pearcey

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Trevor PearceyName: Trevor Pearcey

Born: March 5, 1919, in Woolwich, London, UK

Death: January 27, 1998 (Age: 79)

Computer-related contributions

  • British-born Australian computer scientist.
  • Developed CSIRAC, one of the first electronic stored-program computers in the world.
  • Just one of his calculators filled a small room, weighing 7 tons.

Honors and awards

  • Awarded a D.Sc. by the University of Melbourne (1971).
  • Pearcey Foundation and the Pearcey Award named in his honor.


"In the non-mathematical field there is a wide scope for the use of the techniques in such things as filing systems. It is not inconceivable that an automatic encyclopaedic service operated through the national teleprinter, or telephone system, will one day exist."