Valentin Turchin

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Valentin TurchinName: Valentin Fyodorovich Turchin

Born: 1931 in Podolsk, Soviet Union

Death: April 7, 2010 (Age: 79)

Computer-related contributions

  • Soviet and American computer scientist and cybernetician.
  • Developed the Refal programming language, the notion of supercompilation and the theory of metasystem transitions.
  • Forefather in Artificial Intelligence and one of the visionaries at the basis of the Global brain idea.
  • Founded the Principia Cybernetica Project.
  • Co-founded the software start-up SuperCompilers, LLC (1998).

Significant publications

  • The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview (1981).
  • Inertia of Fear (1981).
  • The Phenomenon of Science: A Cybernetic Approach to Human Evolution (1977).
  • The Phenomenon of Science (1970).
  • The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview (1968).