Vannevar Bush

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Vannevar Bush

Name: Vannevar Bush

Born: March 11, 1890, Everett, Massachusetts

Death: June 28, 1974 (Age: 84)

Computer-related contributions

  • American engineer known for his work on analog computing and the idea of the memex, an adjustable microfilm viewer that is somewhat analogous to the structure of the World Wide Web.

Significant publications

  • As We May Think, Atlantic Monthly (1945).
  • Modern Arms and Free Men", a discussion of the role of science in preserving democratic institutions. (1949).
  • Pieces of the Action, an examination of science and the state. (1970).

Honors and awards

  • Edison Medal (1943).
  • Public Welfare Medal (1945).
  • National Medal of Science(1963).


"A belief may be larger than a fact."