Computer People - W

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'W'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Wallace Eckert
Early employee of IBM who recommended interconnecting punched card tabulating machines.
Category: Writer
Walter Brattain
Inventor that helped invent the transistor.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Walter Mossberg
American journalist and writer who is the principal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal.
Category: Twitter and Writer
Ward Christensen
First bulletin board system (BBS) ever brought online (1978).
Category: Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Wayne Green
American publisher, writer and consultant and founder of Byte magazine.
Category: Founder and Writer
Wayne Pickette
Often referred to as the African American father of the microprocessor.
Category: African American, Father, and Writer
Wen Chow
Chinese-born American digital computer pioneer and missile guidance scientist who pioneered the use of digital computers.
Category: Scientist and Writer
Wenmei Hwu
Professor specializing in computer architecture, compiler design, parallel processing and computer microarchitecture.
Category: Chairman, Director, Engineer, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
Werner Buchholz
American computer scientist who coined the term byte for a unit of digital information.
Category: Coined, Scientist, and Writer
Werner Koch
German free software activist known as the author of the GNU Privacy Guard.
Category: Hacker and Writer
Werner Siemens
German inventor and industrialist and founder of the Siemens company.
Category: Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Wesley Clark
One of the creators of the first mini-computer (LINC laboratory computer).
Category: Father and Writer
Wietse Venema
Dutch programmer, physicist and Google software engineer.
Category: Engineer, Personality, Physicist, Programmer, and Writer
Wilhelm Rontgen
German physicist who produced and detected electromagnetic radiation.
Category: Physicist and Writer
Wilhelm Schickard
German professor of Hebrew and Astronomy and one of the first to design a direct entry calculating clock in the 17th century
Category: Professor and Writer
Will Glaser
Pioneer who co founded Pandora Radio.
Category: Founder and Writer
Will Wright
Founder of Maxis, now part of Electronic Arts and helped develop such games as SimCity, Sims, and Spore.
Category: Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Willem Poel
Testudo, PTERA, and the ZERO computers
Category: Scientist and Writer
Willgodt Odhner
Swedish engineer and entrepreneur Inventor of the Odhner Arithmometer calculator.
Category: Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Writer
William Campbell
Current Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Intuit Inc.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and Writer
William Coolidge
American physicist known for his work with incandescent electric lighting.
Category: Director, Physicist, President, and Writer
William Davidow
American engineer, author, marketing executive, and venture capitalist.
Category: Engineer, Investor, President, Twitter, and Writer
William Eccles
British physicist and inventor of the term Diode and the flip-flop circuit.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
William English
American computer engineer and co-creator of the first computer mouse.
Category: Engineer, Personality, and Writer
William Gibson
Speculative fiction novelist who help create cyberpunk subgenre.
Category: Coined, Twitter, and Writer
William Hewlett
Co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Writer
William Higinbotham
American physicist credited with creating one of the first computer games.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
William Inmon
American computer scientist Often referred to as the father of the data warehouse.
Category: Coined, Father, Scientist, and Writer
William Jevons
British economist and logician known for Marginal utility theory.
Category: Logician and Writer
William Joy
Co-founder of Sun Microsystems, helped with the development of BSD, and original author of vi.
Category: Editor, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
William Lowe
American businessman who managed the team that developed the first IBM personal computer.
Category: Father, President, and Writer
William Millard
Short biography of William Millard the founder and chairman of the electronics retailer ComputerLand.
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Writer
William Norris
American computer executive, co-founder and CEO of Control Data Corporation (CDC).
Category: CEO, Founder, and Writer
William Shockley
Physicist and co-inventor of the transistor.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
William Stallings
American Computer Science, Cryptography and Security textbook author.
Category: Twitter and Writer
William Stevens
Author of computer science books, in particular books on UNIX and TCP/IP.
Category: President, Programmer, and Writer
William Sturgeon
English physicist and inventor who was first to make electromagnets and inventor of the first practical English electric motor.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Winifred Asprey
American mathematician and computer scientist.
Category: Female, Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer

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