Wietse Venema

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Wietse Venema

Name: Wietse Venema

Born: 1951

Computer-related contributions

  • Dutch programmer, physicist and Google software engineer.
  • Wrote the Postfix e-mail system and TCP Wrapper (host-based networking ACL system).
  • Co-producer of the computer security tools SATAN and The Coroner's Toolkit.
  • Worked for the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York State, USA (1996-2015).

Significant publications

  • Forensic Discovery (2005).

Honors and awards

  • ISSA Hall of Fame award (2012).
  • Free Software Foundation Award for the Advancement of Free Software (2009).
  • Sendmail Milter Innovation Award (2006).
  • NLUUG Award (2000).
  • SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award (1999).
  • Security Summit Hall of Fame Award (1998).


"Defect-free software does not exist."