William Inmon

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William Inmon

Name: William Harvey Inmon

Born: July 20, 1945, in San Diego, California, USA

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist who is often referred to as the father of the data warehouse.
  • Wrote the first book on data warehousing.
  • Coined the term data warehousing.

Significant publications

  • DW 2.0: The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing (2008).
  • Tapping Into Unstructured Data (2007).
  • Exploration Warehousing: Turning Business Information into Business Opportunity (2000).
  • Building the Data Warehouse (1992).

Honors and awards

  • Named one of the ten people that most influenced the first 40 years of the computer industry by Computerworld (2007).


"Traditional projects start with requirements and end with data. Data Warehousing projects start with data and end with requirements."