Computer "P" file extensions

Updated: 06/30/2019 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "P." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click on the corresponding beginning letter below.

.PAB Personal Address Book file used with Microsoft Outlook.
.PAK Compressed file extracted and used with various compression utilities. Often many games have large .PAK files that contain lots of the games information.
.PAT DiskStation Manager system file, used by Synology NAS devices.
.PB WinFax Pro phone book file.
.PBD 1. PowerBuilder dynamic library.
2. Faxit phone book file.
.PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle bank file.
.PBK Microsoft phonebook file.
.PBL PowerBuilder library file.
.PBM Unix portable bitmap file.
.PBR PowerBuilder resource.
.PBI Profiler binary input file.
.PBM PBM portable bitmap graphic.
.PBO Profiler binary output.
.PBT Profiler binary table.
.PCD Kodak photo CD file.
.PCT Apple Macintosh PICT formatted image file.
.PCX 1. Microsoft Paint file.
2. PC Paintbrush Windows/DOS file.
.PDA Bitmap graphic file.
.PDB 1. TACT data file.
2. Database file used by Microsoft Visual Studio, PalmPilot, and Quicken software.
.PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe image.
.PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader file.
.PDL Borland C++ project description language file.
.PDS 1. Graphic file.
2. Pldasm source code file.
.PDV Paintbrush printer driver.
.PDW Professional Draw document.
.PEF Digital camera RAW file format.
.PEM Certificate file used to authenticate secure websites.
.PF Short for Private File, .PF is a compressed file extracted and used with various compression utilities.
.PGM Portable Greymap image file.
.PIC Picture and viewer frame class.
.PICT Apple Macintosh PICT formatted image file.
.PIF Program Information File that configures a DOS app to run efficiently in Windows.
.PJF Paintjet soft font file.
.PKG 1. Apple Newton file.
2. MicroSim PCBoard external ASCII file.
3. Microsoft Developer Studio application file.
4. Next installer script..
.PL Harvard palette file or Perl script file.
.PL3 Harvard chart palette.
.PLB Foxpro library or LogoShow screen saver file.
.PLC Lotus add-in.
.PLD PLD2 source file.
.PLG REND386 or AVRIL file.
.PLI Oracle 7 data description.
.PLL Prelinked library.
.PLM DisorderTracker2 module.
.PLN WordPerfect spreadsheet file.
.PLR Descent pilot file.
.PLS 1. WinAmp playlist file.
2. DisorderTracker2 sample file.
3. Shoutcast file, or MYOB data file.
4. PL/SQL stored procedure file for Oracle PL/SQL database development software.
.PLT 1. AutoCAD HPGL vector graphic plotter file
2. Gerber sign-making software file, or
3. Betley's CAD Microstation driver configuration for plotting.
.PLY Autodesk polygon.
.PNG Bitmapped image. See PNG definition for additional information.
.POT Microsoft PowerPoint template file.
.PP Compressed archive file.
.PP4 Picture Publisher.
.PP5 Picture Publisher file.
.PPA PowerPoint add-in.
.PPB WordPerfect print preview button bar.
.PPD PostScript printer description.
.PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle program file.
.PPI Microsoft PowerPoint graphic file.
.PPL 1. Pascal file.
2. Harvard (now Serif), Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey driver.
.PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap graphic.
.PPO Clipper Preprocessor output.
.PPP Serif PagePlus publication.
.PPS Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow.
.PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and earlier presentation file.
.PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later presentation file.
.PPX Serif PagePlus publication.
.PPZ Microsoft PowerPoint packaged presentation.
.PS2 File to support the Micro Channel Architecture in 386 Enhanced mode.
.PSD Adobe Photoshop image file. See our PSD page for complete information.
.PSP Paint Shop Pro file.
.PST Post Office Box file used with Microsoft Outlook usually mailbox.pst unless named otherwise.
.PWA Password agent file.
.PWD Password file.
.PWF ProCite Workforms
.PWL Password file used in Windows 95 and Windows 98 is stored in the Windows directory.
.PWP Photoworks image file.
.PWZ Microsoft PowerPoint wizard.
.PX Paradox primary database index file.
.PXL Pocket Excel worksheet file.
.PY Python script file.
.PYC Compiled Python script file.
.PYD Python binary extension for Windows.
.PYW Python GUI script for Windows.
.PZ2 Curious Labs Poser pose file.
.PZ3 Curious Labs Poser document.
.PZA MGI PhotoSuite album file.
.PZD Pizazz Plus default settings file.
.PZL 1. Puzzle file.
2. Load runner game puzzle file.
.PZO Pizazz Plus overlay file.
.PZP MGI PhotoSuite project file.
.PZS Pizazz Plus settings file.
.PZT Pizazz Plus transfer file.
.PZX Pizazz Plus swap file.