Fdisk simulation

Updated: 06/02/2020 by Computer Hope

This screen lets you view what's used and how your computer hard drive is set up.


If you see invalid information such as !, *, &, % as the volume label, the partition, or the status, your computer may have a virus.

Option Yes

Current fixed disk drive:  1

Partition  Status  Type  Volume   Label  Mbytes  System  Usage
       C:  1       A     PRI DOS  WIN95  2047    FAT16   68%
           2                      WIN95  2047    FAT16   68%
                          EXT DOS         969            32%

Total disk space is 3016Mbytes (1 Mbyte = 1048576 bytes)

The Extended DOS Partition contains Logical DOS Drives.
Do you want to display the logical drive information (Y/N) . . . . . . ? [ Y ]

Press Esc to return to FDISK Options

The above picture displays Extended DOS partitions information. However, if only have a Primary DOS partition, your screen would only display the partition information and only allow you to Esc out of the screen.

Option Yes