Systeminfo command

Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
systeminfo command

The systeminfo command displays complete system information for Microsoft Windows computers.


Systeminfo is an external command that is available in the following Microsoft operating systems as systeminfo.exe.

Systeminfo syntax

systeminfo [/s system [/u username [/p password]]]] [/fo format] [/nh]
/s system Specifies the name or IP address of a remote computer (do not use backslashes). The default is the local computer.
/u [domain\]user Runs the command with the account permissions specified by username or domain\username. The default settings are those of the user who is currently logged in.
/p password Specifies the password of the user account that is in the /u parameter.
/fo format Specifies the format to use for the output. Valid format values are TABLE, LIST, and CSV (comma-separated values). The default format for output is LIST.
/nh Suppresses column headers in the output. Valid only when the /fo parameter is set to TABLE or CSV.

Systeminfo examples


The command above would display information about the computer and its operating system, including networking information and installed hotfixes. Below is an example of the output:

systeminfo | find "System Boot Time"

The example above is one way to use the find command with the systeminfo command to find exactly what you're looking for in the system information. In this example, the command would return when the system boot.

Systeminfo output example

Host Name:                 COMPUTERHOPE
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.10586 N/A Build 10586
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Computerhope
Registered Organization: Computer Hope
Product ID: 00000-00000-00000-AAAAA
Original Install Date: 12/17/2015, 7:09:50 PM
System Boot Time: 3/28/2016, 6:57:39 AM
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: XPS 8300
System Type: x64-based PC
Processor(s): 1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7 Genuine Intel ~3401 Mhz
BIOS Version: Dell Inc. A06, 10/17/2011
Windows Directory: C:\WINDOWS
System Directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Locale: en-us;English (United States)
Input Locale: en-us;English (United States)
Time Zone: (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Total Physical Memory: 8,174 MB
Available Physical Memory: 2,955 MB
Virtual Memory: Max Size: 16,366 MB
Virtual Memory: Available: 6,455 MB
Virtual Memory: In Use: 9,911 MB
Page File Location(s): C:\pagefile.sys
Logon Server: \\MicrosoftAccount
Hotfix(s): 10 Hotfix(s) Installed.
[01]: KB3116900
[02]: KB3124200
[03]: KB3124262
[04]: KB3124263
[05]: KB3135173
[06]: KB3139907
[07]: KB3140741
[08]: KB3140743
[09]: KB3140768
[10]: KB3144756
Network Card(s): 2 NIC(s) Installed.
[01]: DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card
Connection Name: Wi-Fi
Status: Media disconnected
[02]: Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet
Connection Name: Ethernet
DHCP Enabled: Yes
DHCP Server:
IP address(es)
[02]: fe00::b0b0:0000:0000:0000
Hyper-V Requirements: VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes
Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes
Second Level Address Translation: Yes
Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes