Chrome tips

Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope
Reference Tip
Chrome Dictionary definition and related links on Google Chrome.
Browser Info Display all your browser and connection information.
Internet All other tips relating to the Internet.
Shortcuts Google Chrome shortcut keys.
TIP8 Tabbed browsing tips.
TIP9 Browsing only safe Internet web pages.
TIP16 Undo closed Internet browser tab.
TIP17 Quickly bookmark a web page.
TIP18 Shortcut key to get into the address bar.
TIP20 Scroll up and down on a web page using the keyboard.
TIP21 Make the browser window full screen.
TIP26 Open link in new window or tab.
TIP29 Move forward and back using the keyboard.
TIP129 Zoom in and out of a page.
TIP137 Quickly save any link to the bookmarks or favorites bar.
TIP203 Top 10 Google Chrome tips.
TIP213 Individually remove page, search, or text in the search bar.
TIP227 Pin a Google Drive document to the bookmarks bar.
TIP230 Speed up tabbed browsing with OneTab.
Chrome Full listing of Chrome questions and answers.