Microsoft Excel tips

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Reference Tip
Excel Dictionary definition and related links on the Internet.
Shortcuts Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.
TIP27 Print only sections of a page.
TIP62 Easy undo.
TIP94 Split Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
TIP117 Auto sum shortcut key in Microsoft Excel.
TIP118 Quickly insert hyperlinks into Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP119 Close all open files at once in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP120 Quickly open recent files in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP122 Repeat the last action in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP124 Quickly copy above cell value to current cell in Excel.
TIP125 Easily sort data in Microsoft Excel using the auto filter.
TIP207 Define names and use them in Microsoft Excel.
TIP208 Enter the same text into multiple Excel cells at once.
TIP228 Move between sheets in a spreadsheet program.
Excel Full listing of Microsoft Excel questions and answers.