Miscellaneous computer-related tips

Updated: 05/13/2019 by Computer Hope
Reference Tip
TIP87 Quickly share pages, videos, pictures in Facebook.
TIP93 Tips to follow before calling support.
TIP112 Getting a human when calling support.
TIP113 View browser settings, plugins, and system information.
TIP114 Determine if web page is really up or down.
TIP115 Getting free information on your phone.
TIP141 View free online lectures.
TIP145 Compare the differences between any two text files.
TIP148 Opt-out from getting the Yellow Pages.
TIP152 Help finding lost phone.
TIP157 Quickly insert accent marks and special characters.
TIP167 Facebook to charge and Microsoft free money.
TIP169 Get your credit score free.
TIP212 Easily fix spots and other problems in photos.
TIP220 Top 10 computer mistakes beginners make.
TIP231 How to quickly change between open programs on Mac and PC.
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