Easily sort data in Microsoft Excel with the auto filter

Updated: 02/01/2021 by Computer Hope

Columns that contain long lists of data can be sorted with the Auto filter option. To use this option follow the steps below.

  1. Select the top rows of the columns that you want to filter.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Data tab.
  3. Click the Filter option, then select Auto filter.

In Excel 2007 and later, the auto filter feature is enabled when clicking the Filter option in step 3.

Once completed, you can use drop down arrows to filter the data automatically. In the example table below, following the above steps, you'd highlight the top row from "Name" to "Position". After creating the filters, you'll have down arrows next to each of the table headings. For example, if you were to click the down arrow next to Position, you could sort the table to only show programmer positions.

Name Sex Age Position
John M 34 Programmer
Jane F 23 Customer Service
Bob M 56 Programmer

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