See what an API connected to Facebook sees about you

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope
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Facebook allows website developers and application developers access to their Facebook Graph API (Application Programming Interface) that enables them to display information about your profile. For example, show your friends who've visited that page, show friends who've liked the page, personally greet you, etc.


The API does not give that developer access to your information, but for some people may be of some concern.

Using the Facebook API Browser, you can see what the Facebook API shares from your profile. If you feel that this is too much information, you can then adjust your Facebook privacy settings accordingly.

Once you've visited the above link, enter your Facebook alias or ID to view the API settings. If you're unsure what your ID is, you can quickly find out by moving your mouse over your name on your Facebook page. For example, if your name is Joe Smith, your Facebook alias could be joe.smith, or an alias a number, such as 149957536227.