Create a unique Facebook profile picture

Updated: 06/16/2017 by Computer Hope
Facebook profile

At the top of your Facebook profile, you'll see the five most recent pictures containing a picture of you. You can use this section of your profile to make a more unique and original profile picture by extending the main profile picture into these recent pictures. As shown, this profile takes a larger image and spreads it from the profile picture into the recent pictures across the top.

These profile pictures can be done using the free Pic Scatter online tool. With this tool, you can upload any picture and adjust the picture to show in the profile section, the top five images, and even the wall.


When using this technique, any time you or a friend tags you in a photo, it will be posted in your profile's top section, ruining this effect. To keep this effect, hide any new photos by clicking the x that appears when hovering the mouse in the picture's top-right corner.

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