Control your passwords between computers and devices

Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope
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Today, most people log onto online services from multiple devices, making it much harder to manage and store all of their various passwords. Dashlane solves this problem by making it easy to store, change, and share all your online passwords between computers, cell phones, and tablets. Dashlane can also AutoFill any online form, save online electronic receipts, warn you about password vulnerabilities, send you password alerts, generate strong passwords, and more.

Dashline uses the strongest encryption there is by encrypting all data using AES-256 and protects password by not storing the password on their servers or your local computer. The master password is also never sent in transmission, so it cannot be intercepted by any man-in-the-middle attack. Since the service is a cloud based service, Dashline synchronize your information between computers and devices using a Device Key, which is not related to the master password.

Visit and install Dashlane


Click Tools and then Preferences. In the Preferences window, click Security and then choose Click to unlock settings. Check the "Automatically log out after inactivity" option and specify a time. After the log out time is reached, Dashlane logs out and prevents anyone who has access to your computer from accessing your accounts.