Easily fix spots and other problems in photos

Updated: 12/31/2017 by Computer Hope

Expensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop have a feature known as Content Aware, which allows them to fix spots and other problems in a photo with little work. The free online service Webinpaint has the same capability and allows you to easily remove spots, blemishes, scratches, objects, and any other problems you may have in a picture. For example, in the picture below, I start off with an image with four big air balloons and one small air balloon in the middle. I think the image would look better without this small balloon, so I draw over the balloon and then click the Inpaint button to remove the small balloon from the picture.

Removing object from picture using webinpaint

Once the changes are made, I can save the new photo and be done with a fairly difficult photo edit in a less than a few minutes. Inpaint is available online without having to download any software, or as a free download also available on their website.

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