Microsoft Windows tips

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Reference Tip
Windows Dictionary definition and related links on Microsoft Windows.
Shortcut Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts.
History The history of the Microsoft Windows.
TIP23 Quickly scroll to an item in a list or drop down.
TIP27 Print only sections of a web page.
TIP31 Windows Snap To feature.
TIP33 Windows Vista Problem Reports and Solutions.
TIP34 Microsoft Windows XP and Vista boot time.
TIP35 Speed up Windows Explorer.
TIP36 Create desktop shortcuts to your favorite web pages.
TIP37 Create custom folder icons.
TIP38 Windows command line tips.
TIP39 Windows Selective Startup.
TIP40 Saving Windows XP and later searches.
TIP41 Display Hibernate option in XP's Turn Off computer box.
TIP42 Quickly move files or other objects to the desktop.
TIP43 Quickly get to the Windows desktop.
TIP44 Run a web page or website within Windows.
TIP45 Quickly find icon or file.
TIP46 Windows XP Mouse Snap to.
TIP47 Windows 2000 and XP Task Manager.
TIP48 Delete files without getting a prompt.
TIP49 Windows explorer multiple renames.
TIP50 Keep a log with Microsoft Notepad.
TIP51 MS-DOS autocomplete in Microsoft Windows 2000 and above.
TIP52 Prevent automatic restart in Windows XP.
TIP53 Microsoft Windows search using Google.
TIP54 Enable the Windows single-click option.
TIP55 Quickly open System Properties window.
TIP56 Quickly see all file associations.
TIP57 Improve the overall appearance of fonts.
TIP58 Access and control other computers.
TIP59 Alphabetize icons in your Start Menu.
TIP60 Selectively print sections of a document.
TIP61 Quickly get to the root directory of a drive.
TIP62 Easy undo.
TIP63 Take control of your Windows 10 updates.
TIP64 Create an accessible bar.
TIP65 Open programs in the background of explorer.
TIP66 Quickly change the association of a file.
TIP67 Quickly maximize a window.
TIP68 Close multiple programs with one click.
TIP69 Manage Start Menu icons from the Start Menu.
TIP70 Quickly access Windows help.
TIP71 Add shortcuts to the desktop with a drag and a drop.
TIP72 Quickly add shortcuts to the Start Menu.
TIP73 Create a send to shortcut.
TIP74 Copy, move, and delete multiple files.
TIP75 Make files not go to the Recycle Bin.
TIP91 Windows Taskbar tips.
TIP92 Windows 7 repair disc.
TIP99 Copy command line output to clipboard.
TIP100 Quickly find Windows programs.
TIP101 View two open windows side by side using Smart Window.
TIP102 Preview open windows in Taskbar.
TIP103 How to set up Web Slice Gallery in Internet Explorer 8.
TIP104 Open recent items.
TIP105 Minimize all open windows in Windows 7.
TIP106 Windows 7 Content View.
TIP107 Problem Steps Recorder.
TIP108 Troubleshooting Windows 7.
TIP109 Windows 7 calculator.
TIP110 Shrink the Windows 7 taskbar icons.
TIP111 Protect your flash drive with BitLocker.
TIP126 Delete one word at a time.
TIP129 Zoom in and out of a page.
TIP138 Split and arrange open windows.
TIP164 Find and delete bad Windows shortcuts.
TIP172 View more Send to options in Windows.
TIP174 TweakUI for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
TIP177 Keep any window on top of others.
TIP178 Add a Recycle Bin to your flash drive.
TIP179 Turn your monitor off using your keyboard.
TIP180 Enabling Windows GodMode.
TIP185 Turn on/off Windows Explorer preview pane.
TIP186 Use the Windows Magnifier to zoom in on parts of your screen.
TIP190 Display multiple clocks in Windows.
TIP192 Search in Windows Explorer shortcut key.
TIP193 Access Windows desktop icons without minimizing anything.
TIP194 Use check boxes to select multiple files in Windows.
TIP198 Top 10 Windows 7 tips.
TIP200 Top 10 Windows 8 tips.
TIP201 How to make Windows programs open as maximized.
TIP202 Find files by date modified in Windows.
TIP204 Control your passwords between computers and devices.
TIP209 Automate your work with AutoHotkey.
TIP211 Increase and decrease the size of desktop icons.
TIP215 Replace Windows Explorer with Multi Commander.
TIP221 How to access shut down menu using a keyboard shortcut.
TIP224 Using AutoHotkey to switch Virtual Desktops in Windows 10
TIP225 Take a closer look at your disk usage with WinDirStat.
TIP226 Speed up a Windows 10 computer.
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