Microsoft Word Tips

Updated: 08/03/2018 by Computer Hope
Reference Tip
Word Microsoft Word definition and related links.
Shortcuts Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts.
TIP27 Print only sections of a page.
TIP62 Easy undo.
TIP97 Quickly create tables in Microsoft Word.
TIP118 Quickly insert hyperlinks into Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP119 Close all open files at once in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP120 Quickly open recent files in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP121 Create underlines in Word without any text.
TIP122 Repeat the last action in Microsoft Word and Excel.
TIP123 Quickly move back to previous cursor position in Word.
TIP126 Delete one word at a time.
TIP127 Quickly generate text in Microsoft Word.
TIP128 Use the Microsoft Word Format Painter to copy formatting.
TIP129 Zoom in and out of a page.
TIP130 Move cursor in Word to position it was when last saved.
TIP131 Quickly insert bullets and numbered list into Word.
TIP132 Increase and decrease font size in Word using keyboard shortcut.
TIP210 Remove formatting in Word from any pasted text.
TIP214 Quickly change case of text in Microsoft Word.
TIP222 Shortcut to only select one sentence in Microsoft Word.
TIP229 Erase a blank page in Microsoft Word.
Word Full listing of Microsoft Word questions and answers.