Tskill command

Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
tskill command

The tskill command allows a user running Microsoft Windows XP Home edition to kill a task from an MS-DOS prompt.


Tskill is an external command that is only available for the Windows XP Home operating system.


Windows XP Professional or later versions should use the taskkill command.

Tskill syntax

TSKILL processid | processname [/SERVER:servername] [/ID:sessionid | /A] [/V]
processid Specifies the process ID for the process to be terminated.
processname Specifies the name of the process to be terminated.
/SERVER:servername The server containing process ID (default is current).
/ID or /A must be specified when using processname and /SERVER
/ID:sessionid The end process running under the specified session.
/A The end process running under ALL sessions.
/V Display information about the actions being performed.

Tskill examples

tskill notepad /V

Kills the open notepad task and displays a message similar to: End Process (1328).