Linux lpc command

Updated: 05/04/2019 by Computer Hope
lpc command

On Unix-like operating systems, the lpc command controls line printers.


lpc provides limited control over printer and class queues provided by the common printing system CUPS. It can also be used to query the state of print queues.

If no command is specified on the command-line, lpc displays a prompt and accept commands from the standard input.


lpc [ command [ parameter(s) ] ]


exit Exits the command interpreter.
help [command],
? [command]
Displays a short help message. If command is specified, display a help message specific to that command.
quit Exits the command interpreter.
status [queue] Displays the status of one or more printer or class queues.

To configure printer or class queues you must use the lpadmin command or another CUPS-compatible client with that functionality.


lpc status

Display the status of the current print queue.

lpr — Submit print requests.
lpg — List the status of available printers.
lprm — Remove requests from the print queue.