Windows 3.x questions and answers

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Windows 3.x Microsoft Windows 3.x dictionary definition and related links.
Main page Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 3.11.
Boot disk Boot disk help and questions and answers
CD-ROM CD-ROM help and support.
Floppy Floppy drive help and support.
Hard drive Hard drive help and support.
Modem Modem help and support.
Mouse Computer mouse help and support
Printer Computer printer help and support.
Security Computer security and related questions and help.
Drivers Computer drivers and manufacturer listing.
History The history of Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft Microsoft company contact information.
CHTSR How to remove TSRs and startup programs.
CHWIN3X Basic Microsoft Windows 3.x troubleshooting.
CH000021 errors
CH000109 Setting up for a program to start automatically in Win3.x
CH000110 Deleting a group/icon in program manager.
CH000111 Creating a group in program manager.
CH000112 Creating an icon in program manager.
CH000113 Determining version of Windows 3.x
CH000114 Setting network Program Manager restrictions.
CH000118 Enabling 32-bit file access in Windows 3.x.
CH000211 How to restore the system.ini and win.ini.
CH000358 What is win386.swp.
CH000486 Is it safe to delete .dll files?
CH000532 How to rename or label a disk drive.
CH000554 How to set a computer's date and time.
CH000742 How to create a directory or folder.
CH000743 How do I delete a file or folder?
CH000872 Information and help with the io.sys file.
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