Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and ME setup switches

Updated: 05/24/2017 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of the different switches and options that can be run in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 setup.exe.

Windows 98 and Windows ME users only

Switch Description
/m Causes Windows to not play the introduction .wav sound file.
/na Bypasses the Microsoft Windows program check and can be used in conjunction with the below options.
  • 0 = Default setting.
  • 1 = No Windows-based program check, MS-DOS-based programs are blocked.
  • 2 = No MS-DOS-based program check, Windows-based programs are blocked.
  • 3 = No Windows-based or MS-DOS-based program check.
/nd Force Microsoft Windows to overwrite most newer files. Note: The /nd switch can cause compatibility issues with Windows and in some cases Windows to no longer function.
/nf Stop the prompt to remove the floppy disk from occurring.
/nh Bypass running the hwinfo.exe program.
/nm Bypass running the minimum system hardware requirement test.
/nx Skip the check for versions of setupx that are running.
/ia Turn off the after providers listed in setupc.inf under [AfterProvider]
/ib Turn off the before providers listed in setupc.inf under [BeforeProvider]
/ic Clean boot.
/ie Skip the Windows 98 startup disk wizard screens.
/in Do not call the setup code.
/ir Do not update the MBR.
/iv Do not display the setup screens during an upgrade within Windows.
/ix Do not perform a character set test.
/f Fast. Notifies setupx dosFindFirst looks in filename cache.
/u:<UPI> Enables users to specify an UPI.

Windows 95 and 98 users

Switch Description
/? Displays a brief listing of the available options for the setup.exe command and how to use them. Note: Not all the commands listed on this page are listed in this command.
/c Does not run smartdrive.
/d Does not use or ignores the existing win.ini and the system.ini.
/id Does not check for free space.
/ig Run setup for older computers.
/ih Runs scandisk in foreground.
/im Ignore the conventional memory check.
/iq Does not run scandisk. However, does check for cross linked files.
/is Does not run scandisk.
/it Does not check for TSRs.
/IW Ensure that the IW is in CAPS, skips the license agreement.
/l Uses Logitech mouse.
/n Run setup without the use of a mouse.
/t:<dir> Where to copy setup's temporary file. When finished all files in this directory will be deleted.
-s Utilize a different setup.inf file for installing Windows.

Additional information

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