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Reference Question
Windows XP Microsoft Windows XP definition and related terms.
Main page Microsoft Windows XP.
APM Advanced Power Management help and support.
Battery Computer battery help and support.
Boot disk Boot disk help and support.
CD-ROM CD-ROM and other disc drives help and support.
CMD Windows command line help and support.
CPU Computer processor help and support.
DM Windows Device Manager help and support.
Files Computer files help and questions and answers.
Floppy Floppy disk drive help and support.
Games Computer games help and support.
Hard drive Hard drive help and support.
Joystick Joystick and gamepad help and support.
Modem Modem help and support.
Mouse Computer mouse help and support.
Network Computer network help and support.
Printer Computer printer help and support.
Registry Microsoft Windows Registry help and support.
Security Computer security and related questions and help.
Sound card Sound card help and support.
Video card Video card help and support
Drivers Computer drivers and manufacturer listing.
History The history of Microsoft Windows.
Microsoft Microsoft company contact information.
CHSAFE Getting into Windows Safe Mode.
CHSYS Information about the Windows Systray.
CHTSR How to remove TSRs and startup programs.
CHWINXP Basic Microsoft Windows XP troubleshooting.
CH000017 Ways of locating hardware and other system specifications.
CH000123 I have problems in Windows after installing new software.
CH000127 Issues and questions related to the Windows Taskbar.
CH000133 Creating icons for Microsoft Windows.
CH000136 Adding and removing icons in Windows Control Panel.
CH000141 Where can I get TweakUI for Microsoft Windows?
CH000148 Exclamation mark on PCI to ISA bridge in Windows.
CH000156 I've lost my unique identification number can you give me one?
CH000165 Additional information on NTFS.
CH000172 Lost or forgotten Windows password.
CH000198 Preventing programs from automatically loading.
CH000347 Uninstalling Windows software.
CH000466 How to setup Windows XP to look like previous versions of Windows.
CH000467 Windows XP installation hangs on "Preparing Installation" screen.
CH000479 How to keep the Windows Taskbar hidden.
CH000486 Is it safe to delete .dll files?
CH000490 Missing Windows hal.dll file.
CH000492 Additional information and help with the boot.ini.
CH000493 Enabling and disabling Windows Desktop cleanup.
CH000508 Preventing Microsoft Windows from prompting for a CD.
CH000517 Information and help with Windows svchost.exe.
CH000519 How do I prevent messenger pop-ups?
CH000532 How to rename or label a disk drive.
CH000537 Disabling the Windows XP Welcome screen.
CH000538 Enabling or Disabling Windows automatic updates.
CH000543 How to rename the Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin.
CH000554 How to set a computer's date and time.
CH000545 How to update a Microsoft Windows computer.
CH000549 How to set the path and environment variables in Windows.
CH000551 How to enable and disable the Microsoft Windows XP firewall.
CH000555 How to view the date in Microsoft Windows.
CH000557 Windows fonts are poor quality and not smooth.
CH000561 How to install a software program.
CH000563 How to install fonts on my computer.
CH000570 Additional information and options for the rundll32.exe file.
CH000571 How to change options to Windows New under the right-click menu.
CH000584 Microsoft Windows status bar continues to be disabled.
CH000588 How do I setup a hard drive and partition in Windows?
CH000589 How do I restore Windows XP back to an earlier copy?
CH000592 How do I adjust the Windows background?
CH000593 How to enable and disable Windows Active Desktop.
CH000597 Computer always boots into Windows Safe Mode.
CH000605 Windows restarts without warning.
CH000622 Windows Explorer file name, directory name, or volume syntax error.
CH000625 Is it safe to turn off a Windows computer without doing a shut down?
CH000626 How to load last known good configuration.
CH000627 How to use the Windows recovery console.
CH000629 Unknown PCI device in Windows Device Manager.
CH000630 Unmountable boot volume in Windows XP.
CH000631 Windows error message with ntoskrnl.exe.
CH000635 How to get into Windows XP recovery console without a Windows XP CD.
CH000646 NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt.
CH000647 How do I install Microsoft Windows XP.
CH000661 How to clear Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows most recent Documents.
CH000672 How do I see the calendar in Windows?
CH000673 Can I convert Windows into a different language?
CH000711 I'm missing Show "Encrypt" on context menu in TweakUI.
CH000714 Cannot delete file because it's being used by another person or program.
CH000715 The system is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft applications error.
CH000726 Not a valid Win32 application.
CH000729 My Windows System Idle Process is high.
CH000730 Error loading operating system after Windows XP setup.
CH000734 How can I hide or view hidden icons in my systray?
CH000739 How do I create a Windows shortcut?
CH000741 How can I SSH from Microsoft Windows?
CH000742 How to create a directory or folder.
CH000743 How do I delete a file or folder?
CH000749 Missing Microsoft Windows .dll files.
CH000750 Unable to get into Windows Safe Mode.
CH000766 How do I copy files?
CH000769 How do I determine the size of a file?
CH000770 How do I keep my Windows file listing the same in all windows?
CH000771 How do I select or highlight multiple files?
CH000775 Disabling the Microsoft Windows XP System Restore.
CH000790 How do I set a Windows screen saver password?
CH000791 How to navigate Windows using a keyboard.
CH000795 How do I change directories?
CH000824 How do I empty or manage the Windows Recycle Bin?
CH000825 How to restart Microsoft Windows.
CH000826 How can I play a DVD movie in Windows XP?
CH000830 Microsoft Windows STOP 0x0000007F error.
CH000838 How to copy a directory or folder.
CH000841 How can I change the text color of my icons in Windows?
CH000846 How do I change the name of a file or folder?
CH000849 What are the $NtUninstallKBxxxxxx$ folders in Windows?
CH000850 Where do I download the .NET framework?
CH000852 How do I play a movie file in Windows?
CH000857 How do I play a sound or music file in Windows?
CH000871 What is the thumbs.db file?
CH000876 Missing or corrupt c:\windows\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys.
CH000877 How do I change my Windows screen saver?
CH000878 How do I make my Windows icons appear larger?
CH000893 How do I remove the Bluetooth icon from my Windows Desktop?
CH000905 Removing the shadows under the text on Windows XP desktop icons?
CH000906 How do I make the Windows My Computer icon the first icon?
CH000913 What is the Windows lsass.exe file and process?
CH000914 What is the Windows spoolsv.exe file and process?
CH000915 What is the Windows alg.exe file and process?
CH000916 What is the Windows csrss.exe file and process?
CH000927 Missing the Windows Desktop My Computer, My Network Places, or My Documents icon.
CH000930 How do I determine what version of Windows I'm using?
CH000948 What is the 1394 Connection in Windows Network Connections?
CH000960 What is the ntdll.dll file?
CH000961 Windows STOP: unknown hard error with the ntdll.dll file.
CH000969 Recovering a deleted file from the Windows Recycle Bin.
CH001003 How do I enable, disable, or adjust the Windows Quick Launch?
CH001004 Adding the Desktop icon back into Windows Quick Launch.
CH001006 Prevent Windows Messenger from automatically starting.
CH001009 What files are not sent to the Windows Recycling bin?
CH001021 How do I change the Recycle Bin icon?
CH001030 How do I change the icons in the Windows Quick Launch?
CH001036 How do I add or remove an icon in Windows Quick Launch?
CH001037 How to hide the small arrow that appears on Windows shortcuts.
CH001038 How do I view the name or label of a hard drive?
CH001040 Unable to find icons in Windows Control Panel.
CH001060 What is the Windows Desktop.ini file and can I delete it?
CH001061 Disable Windows thumbs.db files from being created.
CH001092 Unable to change Windows XP wallpaper.
CH001093 How do I know if I have Windows administrator rights?
CH001094 How to view users that can log into my Windows computer.
CH001095 How do I disable the Windows guest or other accounts?
CH001096 Missing administrator log in on Windows XP.
CH001097 Giving a Windows XP account administrator rights.
CH001098 Unable to Log You on because of an Account Restriction error
CH001099 Determining what service pack I have installed in Windows.
CH001100 How long does it take to reinstall Windows?
CH001111 How can I find what's running on my Windows computer?
CH001117 Windows cannot read from source file or disk error.
CH001130 How do I create a Windows shortcut key?
CH001141 How do I fix the Windows blue screen errors?
CH001142 Windows stop BAD_POOL_HEADER error.
CH001143 Windows stop DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.
CH001144 Parameter format incorrect or parameter format not correct error in DOS.
CH001157 Unable to empty Windows Recycle Bin because directory is not empty.
CH001193 After installing Windows my default drive is not C:
CH001205 Windows Stop 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error.
CH001213 An error occurred during directory enumeration.
CH001256 Restore Windows system settings from the recovery console.
CH001266 What is Windows Program Files and Program Files (x86)?
CH001272 Downgraded my laptop from Vista or 7 to XP where are drivers?
CH001292 How to view Windows virtual memory or page file settings.
CH001293 Is it a good idea to change my Microsoft Windows page file size?
CH001324 Opening port for program or game in Windows Firewall.
CH001334 How to create a Windows Restore Point.
CH001367 How to enable UPnP in Windows.
CH001387 How do I disable the Windows loading splash screen?
CH001412 How do I make Windows not automatically restart after update?
CH001476 How do I move files?
CH001531 How can I make my version of Windows a genuine version?
CH001563 Differences between Normal and Safe Mode in Windows.
CH001566 Windows stop KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error.
CH001567 Windows stop NTLDR is compressed error.
CH001568 Windows stop PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error.
CH001570 Windows stop THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER error.
CH001571 Windows stop UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP error.
CH001572 Windows stop UNKNOWN_HARD_ERROR error.
CH001573 Windows stop UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error.
CH001606 How do I make Windows programs automatically startup?
CH001635 Windows freezes or reboots repeatedly upon startup.
CH001640 How To Access The Event Viewer In Microsoft Windows
CH001641 How to identify what startup programs are safe to disable.
CH001671 How to automatically repair problems in Windows.
CH001672 How to shut down a computer.
CH001753 Where do I find Accessories in the Windows Start Menu?
CH001820 How do I change the icon of a Windows shortcut?
CH001838 How to install the Microsoft Windows operating system
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