How to make a bat executable?

A .BAT file can be made into a .EXE or .COM file. This can help give you additional abilities such as file versions and keeping the program hidden from the user and keep the source of the batch file hidden from the user. We recommend users use the file to convert their batch files.

Once this file has been downloaded unzip the file and double-click the file to open the program. Within this program you'll be able to point to the batch file you want to convert into an executable file, include additional files, change the icon of the file, and add addition details such as the file version, company, copyright, etc.

* If you want to keep the file hidden from the user to prevent them from closing it before the file can be completed make sure to check the Ghost application option. However, make sure all pause statements are removed from the batch file or it will remain in memory as b2e.exe.

Alternative solution

In addition to the above solution for users running earlier versions of MS-DOS and Windows can use the file, which is program that converts your batch files into a .com file.

Once the file has been downloaded move the file into the same directory as your batch file and type a command similar to the example below.

bat2exe myfile.bat

Additional information

  • See our batch file definition for further information and related links on this term.