How do I remove the battery from my laptop computer?

Laptop battery latchesAll laptops are different, however, they usually share the same similarities when removing the main battery. In the picture is just a few examples of some of the laptop battery latches that may be on the bottom of your laptop.

To remove the battery slide this switch to the opposite side and hold it in that position until the battery is removed. When doing this with some laptops the battery will pop out and allow you to grab onto it. Others will release the latch and require you to grab onto the battery usually with the tips of your fingers and pull it out.

Other situations

Although most laptops only have one latch to remove the battery there are also some laptops that require you to slide two latches in order to remove the battery. For these laptops the latches will still look similar to the above examples but require you to move both at the same time, usually towards each other.

Finally, there are also some older laptops (IBM laptops) that requires the latch to be pulled out and then pushed towards the battery to remove it.

Additional information

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