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Author Topic: Non detected Disk Drive/Hard Drive Need help with dell Dimension 4100  (Read 2279 times)

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Hello thank you for your time, I am experiencing issues with a dell dimension 4100. I have received a virus and was told upon startup to insert some kind of startup disk im not sure it was a while ago so me in all my stupidity tried to connect the hard drive to a different motherboard in the spot the dvd drive plugs in to in that cisnet computer. Well after a few tries i somehow got it to recognize the hard drive upon startup and it tried to format it i think, although as soon as i saw that screen i powered down and now the hard drive is no longer recognized by either computer, even in the bios it says the total memory is 512 mb with it connected to hard drive spot of the original dell. I would really like to get my dell working again but it gives me the error Invalid Boot diskette Insert Boot diskette in A: I do not care for restoring the files on the hard drive they are worthless to me i just want to get my computer working again any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


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Re: Non detected Disk Drive/Hard Drive Need help with dell Dimension 4100
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2010, 03:41:11 AM »
Place OEM Windows CD into the CD or DVD drive and boot off of this disk. If your system doesnt want to boot off the CD or DVD drive go into bios and set the CD or DVD drive as 1rst boot device in boot order. Once you successfully boot off of your optical drive you then can delete the partition on the hard drive, create new partition and reformat, then install clean installation to that hard drive. If you dont have recovery or oem cd available, you will have to buy one.