Create a shortcut key for Internet web pages

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Create a PC shortcut key to a favorite web page by following the steps below. Once a shortcut has been created, you can have the shortcuts to your favorite web pages on ... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Restore Disc

Restore Disc picture

Alternatively referred to as a boot disc, system restore disc, restore CD, recovery disc, and recovery disk, a restore disc is a CD or DVD included with many OEM compute... Continue reading >>

Yesterday's word - Random word

How does a computer work?

How does a computer work? picture

This document has been created to give you a better understanding of how the personal computer works and what it does each time you press the power button. When you firs... Continue reading >>

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Today in Computer History

1743 - Samuel Hopkins is born.
1906 - Grace Hopper is born.
1968 - Douglas Engelbart demos the mouse, video conferencing, teleconferencing, object addressing, and word processor on the NLS.
1987 - Microsoft introduces Windows 2.0.

Computer History - Computer Pioneers