Minimize all open windows in Windows 7

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Aero Peek is a Windows interface feature that lets you "peek" at the Windows desktop, getting a quick view of it. You can activate Aero Peek if you left-click the bottom... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Vacuum Tube

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Alternatively referred to as an electron tube or valve and first developed by John Ambrose Fleming in 1904. The vacuum tube is a glass tube that has its gas removed, cre... Continue reading >>

Yesterday's word - Random word

How to become a computer technician

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To become a computer technician, there are several important things you should have. First, it is vital that you have strong knowledge and understanding of the component... Continue reading >>

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Today in Computer History

1916 - Christopher Strachey is born.
1917 - Arthur C. Clark is born.
1967 - Erik Cassel is born.
2003 - Microsoft purchases Giant Company Software, a developer of spyware software.
2003 - President George W. Bush signs CAN-SPAM into law, establishing the first US standard for sending commercial e-mail.
2005 - IBM halts all sales of their operating system OS/2.

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