Turn your monitor off using your keyboard

Turn your monitor off using your keyboard picture

Using the Monitor Off Utility is a quick and easy way to turn off your monitor when stepping away from the computer. As shown in the screenshot below, this utility allow... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: An Axis

Yesterday's word - Random word

An Axis picture

An axis is an imaginary line that passes through the origin point of a geometric coordinate system. Each dimension of the system has exactly one axis. For every point... Continue reading

How do computers connect over the Internet?

How do computers connect over the Internet? picture

Using the Internet, computers connect and communicate with one another, primarily using the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Think of TCP/IP a... Continue reading

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Today in Computer History

1912 - Helmut Hoelzer war born.
1955 - Grady Booch was born.
1967 - Jonathan Ive was born.
1998 - Apple Newton OS and the Newton platform officially ended.
2001 - Phoenix announces it would acquire Integrity Sciences.
2001 - UsRobotics introduces the V.92 modem standard.
2008 - Microsoft released Windows Server 2008.
2008 - Microsoft release the WorldWide Telescope (WWT) program.
2011 - Gaikai launched, the service would later become known as PlayStation Now.

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