Enter the same text into multiple Excel cells at once

Enter the same text into multiple Excel cells at once picture

In Microsoft Excel, you can enter the same data or text into multiple cells at once using the below simple steps. After completing the above steps, the text will automat... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Bus Topology

Bus Topology picture

Alternatively referred to as a line topology, a bus topology is a network setup in which each computer and network device are connected to a single cable or backbone. De... Continue reading >>

Yesterday's word - Random word

How to replace the CMOS battery

How to replace the CMOS battery picture

If your computer is losing its time or date settings, or you are receiving a message CMOS Read Error, CMOS Checksum Error, or CMOS Battery Failure, the CMOS battery need... Continue reading >>

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Today in Computer History

1925 - Mark Pinsker is born.
1945 - Lawrence Tesler is born.
1949 - John Thomson is born.
China's first satellite the "Dong Fang Hong I" is launched into space1983 - Alexis Ohanian is born.
1990 - Hubble Telescope goes to space.
2000 - ATI introduces the Radeon video card product line.

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