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Author Topic: W7 Boot/AutoRepair/Restore Failure - ? Rename drive from Cmd prompt?  (Read 1839 times)

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    W7 Pro 64 (6.1.7600. on HP w c300 128SSD at boot drive, - system failed to reboot. W7 start up repair failed; system restore failed. Earlier restore files clearly show the OS  (SSD) as drive c: All drives test AOK including the SSD. I can see the data and the OS from command prompt.

    The SSD drive - previously C: now is named G:-- c: drive had only temp files - I deleted those, on the theory that the drive lettering is now my problem, perhaps caused by the auto repair program renaming the drives.

    I tried to copy the system files from g: to C: with dos commands, including ROBOCOPY but no joy. Access is denied - hyberfil.sys.

    I want avoid a new install if I can. Is there any way to copy or move the system files from g: to C: or to rename G: as C:
     (and rd c:)??

    I have the command screen available from a W7 install disk.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Was Win7 originally installed to the SSD ? ?
    Is there another OS installed on any of the HDD's ? ?

    If no additional OS's are present power down and disconnect all but the SSD...boot to the Win7 DVD and run the Repair Install again.
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