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Author Topic: deleted or formatted harddrive  (Read 1230 times)

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    deleted or formatted harddrive
    « on: March 05, 2015, 06:39:45 PM »
    I accidently formatted or deleted my harddrive w a fix it utilities disc that doent explain what to do or how to fix or start over by.....so im stuck on stop! I have n hp laptop pavilion, running vista home edition,32 bit. 1st i had the blue screen of death, an i couldnt do system restore cause i didnt know the password, so i found n old windows vista home basic recovery disc from n old everex pc i had n it worked, but once in i couldnt get online, driver was missing (wifi) so i bought n external belkin wifi usb adapter, now able to get online, i found that i was missing different drivers that i had but didnt anymore, idk they could not b found. I then tried windows n microsoft sites to install drivers but i guess cause the OS system disc was so outdated i couldnt get on sites or upgrade to get on them, then i kinda gave up, n started checking out what was on some sd cards n sticks i had. Well 1 day i started my laptop w this stick that i left in a usb port n as long as i kept it in i had my internal wifi n chrome back?  I believe the stick had someone elses Dell OS system on it, i think 7? Well it didnt take but a day or 2 n idk if it was all the porn this person had on this stick but my laptop was taken over by virus after virus, thats when i got this fix it utility disc n wiped out my harddrive. So now how do  i start over from scratch? I bought n external harddrive thinkin i could install n os on it ...idk??? ive tried running an xp os disc on it n it tells me 1 time bootmgr missing, another time dmio missing, n each time i run the disc it says a different one. Now w the utilities disc i can reformat or partition the harddrive so i can install a os, but it doesnt tell u how to do it, so can some one help me w the steps that i need to do this n the answers to the info this disc is asking to insert...someone pleassssse help me, thank u forever in debt


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    Re: deleted or formatted harddrive
    « Reply #1 on: March 05, 2015, 06:53:23 PM »
    Your post is hard to read.
    Please answer these questions:
     1. Do you have the Vista disc that came with the computer?
     2. What is the full make and model of the computer?
     3. What is the name of the disc that let you format the drive?
    This will help volunteers offer some ideas.


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    Re: deleted or formatted harddrive
    « Reply #2 on: March 06, 2015, 07:14:09 AM »
    You can order a recovery disc or USB recovery drive from HP.  See Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive