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Author Topic: Windows 98 Crashes to black screen after login.  (Read 3589 times)

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    Windows 98 Crashes to black screen after login.
    « on: July 25, 2016, 05:19:03 PM »
    So to start off. Its a windows 98 pc with a Pentium 3 processor. With a 6gb IDE hard drive. I got the computer with a sticker that described the issue on the case. I decided to reinstall windows 98 thinking it was just a corrupted install. I formatted and reinstalled windows 98 without any issues. I created a password and logged in. It was about to go to the desktop after installing some drivers. As soon as a windows pops up which you can pause to see in the video. It crashes to a black screen as the CD drive spins down. The power buttons are unresponsive. It turns on again if I unplug it and plug it back in. I have tried unplugging all the hardware except the hard drive. IT WILL BOOT INTO SAFE MODE PERFECTLY I do not have any other IDE hard drive to test it to see if its a hard drive. Here is a video displaying the issue.Windows 98 Crashes to black screen after login.




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      Re: Windows 98 Crashes to black screen after login.
      « Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 07:15:34 PM »
      I'd be looking at some of the ideas presented in the topic below.

      Troubleshooting Windows 98 Startup Problems

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