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Author Topic: Recomendation: 1&1 Digital Guide  (Read 2682 times)

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Recomendation: 1&1 Digital Guide
« on: September 18, 2017, 01:59:58 PM »
This is a recommendation fora group of tutorials found on the 1and1 website.
But this is not a recommendation for the 1and1 services.  This is only tip for those of you who are looking for the basic information about how to build and market a web site.  Well written information.

It even includes needed materiel for a non-profit organization.

Go to their web site, do not  agree to anything or register or give any information. The information is free and public. look for a tab labeled:
Digital Guide
or just click on the link:
Here is one of the items:
What is a root server? Definition and mechanics
When you call up a website, the entered domain first needs to be turned into an IP address and read out from the browser so that the page can finally appear in the browser. This process is known as name resolution. Here, the root name server or (DNS) root server in the domain name system plays a key role. But what is a root server? And what exactly goes on when they receive requests for translating a domain name into an IP address? [...]  ►
Some other articles:
  How does content curation work?
  Gender marketing
  The 10 most common WordPress problems
  Captcha: codes, images and puzzles
Check it out. You might find what you need.   8)
An no, I do not work for them. An yes, I have used their products. This is only a recommendation to look at their documentation.