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Author Topic: TLD List. My review and recomendation.  (Read 967 times)

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TLD List. My review and recomendation.
« on: March 24, 2018, 03:47:58 PM »
This is about a free service from a  commercial web site. You do not have to by anything nor do you even have to register with them.

Here is the scenario:
You want to crte a new web site with a cool idea you have. You maybe already have a web site, but you think the new idea needs a new name.

Checking around, you find that most of the cool ideas Thu have are already taken. But there are some possibility of using maybe a vanity kind of TLD. The TLD is the last part of a domain name, the part after the last dot. Examples:
In each of the above, the TLD is,respectfully, NET, CLUB  and US.
In my cas, the geek9pm.com is held by somebody else, so I cant have it unless I pay him a lot of money. So I have to use another TLD to find the name I want.

Now you got the idea.
Where can anybody buy a name with a alternative TLD and not pay alto of money.

Some of alternative TLD options are very pricey.

 .com  $  9.20   Low price, but cool names are take already
 .info $ 12.29     Used to be the cheapest, price has gone up
 .mobi $ 19.50   Do more letters mean none money?
 .site $ 24.99
 .cc   $ 37.39     Cocos Islands.
 .tv   $ 39.95      Tuvalu, where is it?
 .xxx  $ 99.95     Who would pay that much?

Boy do they vary! But how do yum find a reasonable price? Sometimes they have promos  and specials. On company sells a nice TLD for under $1 and then if you renew it it will host over $50 after the first year. No thanks!

Now here is my recommendation. Not fora certain company, but rather for a service. It is a web site that gives you the information need:


They have a huge data base with $ price info an most TLD and registrars that offer such. With that data you can make a choice about which registrar you should start with for a specific TLD. The first year and renewal varies a lot.

I decided on three different registrars for my domain names s experiments. But you choice will be different from mine. Take a look at the service offered by that site. It is free to look at. Just don't buy anything.  :)

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