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Author Topic: Software Update Now Requires Non-Existant Password  (Read 861 times)

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Software Update Now Requires Non-Existant Password
« on: March 28, 2009, 10:57:26 AM »
I've had a home network between my laptop and desktop computer that's been working just fine. Wednesday however I upgraded from IE 7 to IE 8. (It's possible that at about the same time I received an automatic download from Window XP.) From that point on, whenever I try to access my network, I get a request for a password. Since no password was ever set up for the network, obviously I don't have one and can't access my other computer. At the same time this happened, the "shut down" box that I see when I go to shut down the system and the box the comes up when the system reboots were changed. And rebooting the system now also requires a password, though simply clicking the "OK" box gets past that.

I don't have any viruses. I've uninstalled IE 8, and am now using Firefox. And when I try to set up the network again through the network Wizard, it won't allow me to do it. (It requires a CD to be made, which it won't make because it claims I don't have a removable drive, which of course I do, one that still works perfectly.) I'm clueless, a technical idiot and would appreciate any suggestions.