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Author Topic: Can't start my windows xp in normal mode...only safe mode Please Help!!!!  (Read 1660 times)

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Okay.... I am writing about my mother-in-law's computer so I don't have all the specs as of right now.  I will just start by telling you the problem and hopefully someone can help me...
Here is what I did step by step:
Step 1:  I started to update from sp2 to sp3
Step 2:  Somewhere in the updating process the computer froze up and I ended the task
Step 3:  I then restarted the computer and it gave me a couple of options:
              Safe mode
              Safe mode with networking
              Safe mode with command prompts
              Last known configuration
              Star windows normally
Step 4:  I clicked on start windows normally and it just brought me back to the same options
Step 5:  This time i clicked on safe mode and it worked
Step 6:  However, when i shut down the computer and started it back up, it won't let me start normally...only in safe
Please help!!!!!!!!!!
I am still learning so please be kind....Thank you so much....alicat2727


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Re-boot into safemode....run auto updates and let it finish this time.

Then boot normally and you should be good to go...

P.S. It's never a good idea to cancel/inturrupt an update of any kind.
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