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Other / Re: How Computers Benefit Everybody.
« Last post by BC_Programmer on June 24, 2019, 08:32:15 PM »
You are remembering when things worked well with those older systems. You aren't remembering how they often had exactly the same issues. A directory with many folders or files can take several seconds to appear on Windows 95 or 98. Going back further, DIR could easily take it's time, especially on an XT-class machine even with an HDD.

Your 1.66Ghz+1GB RAM system is significantly underpowered. Your 1.66Ghz Atom netbook would likely be outperformed by a Pentium 4 system from a decade ago. Running modern software or browsers/websites on it and saying that computers are slow now doesn't make much sense. Realistically the hardware was never up to snuff for any modern software or websites even when those Atom chips were released- that was never their design purpose.

For a direct example I have an iMac G3. When it was released it was perfectly capable of being used to browse the web. Now, given a more modern browser, it struggles. It didn't actually get slower, but software and websites evolved to take advantage of the availability of computing power on client systems; The Internet and Websites and the capabilities made available to web sites as well as software in general has become far more complex and involved, so systems which used to be top-of-the-line years ago can easily struggled when required to run modern software.

Many many times my action is faster then a computer, which is beyond imagination decades ago
It was quite imaginable decades ago because it was relatively common. Filling up the keyboard buffer because you were typing too fast for the GUI to keep up was not uncommon. Nor was the fact that menus and other dialogs could take a few moments to appear and any keystrokes made expecting the dialog to be present would be ignored.
Windows Vista and 7 / Re: Downloading Windows 7 Ultimate ISO File
« Last post by BC_Programmer on June 24, 2019, 08:15:23 PM »
That error message would be precisely what you would end up with if the Key in question was "salvaged" from a computer that had an included OEM product key. (eg sticker on the case). The Download site, however, requires a retail product key. This would seem consistent with what Dave was saying about eBay counterfeits.
Other / Re: How Computers Benefit Everybody.
« Last post by yulan on June 24, 2019, 08:13:12 PM »
Yulan, what are you smoking?
Hi there, I do not smoke by the way. Well, let me share a story. Decades ago when I check a directory (nowadays folder), the screen show it up instantly. Now on my 1.66GHz CPU (Atom) along with 1GB RAM, I need to wait seconds for it to show up, take seconds to open a notepad pure text file which is for example around 10 KB, somehow it take even longer to open a htm file with notepad. Another example, when the beginning of household internet, webpages show up quite instantly. In present days, visiting a text discussing forum could cause my 1.66GHz CPU + 1GB RAM computer to hang, or half dead. Some people suggest me to upgrade it to SSD hard drive, while I don't see the point to ungrade it (spent more money) for more ads to come. I'm not making complain to computers themselves, they are innocent. And finally, I cannot help not mentioning this, again, for the pass 2 days and right now at this moment, I can only right click and select to use copy and paste, because the "Ctrl" keys (both) are not working and apparently not hardware problem, details can be read at my topic under "Windows 7" catalogue. Decades ago, computers serve human, now I feel like I'm serving it. Many many times my action is faster then a computer, which is beyond imagination decades ago, such as I Save, then Close, then Open another file, and oops I'm too fast and need to do it again. I wish a better tomorrow, with better solution.
Other / Re: FAT32/NTFS or keep it exFAT with my SD card?
« Last post by yulan on June 24, 2019, 07:40:50 PM »
Sorry I missed an important factors of concern: capacity
I cannot find a "edit" option so I listed it again

1. stability
2. capacity (new)
3. speed
4. compatibility on different systems
5. maximum file size

This is my understanding: NTFS is better for Windows, while exFAT is more flexible, for example Android devices can access it too, Android devices cannot read NTFS. However, capacity is better or larger in NTFS format, it's simply designed or optimized for Windows. Please correct me if I were wrong. I think I would go format it NTFS then, the chance for me to insert it to a smartphone is very low, or I have different cards for smartphone.
Windows Vista and 7 / Re: Downloading Windows 7 Ultimate ISO File
« Last post by Nev71 on June 24, 2019, 07:38:03 PM »
Thanks Dave for your reply. I will check the disks to see if the Holograms appear to be genuine, but please remember that my product key has been verified as genuine, so I reckon there should be no excuse for it not working on that Microsoft site. By the way, here is the exact error message I got when trying to use my product key:

"The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer.
Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options."

So I'm not real sure what that is all about, but it sounds like someone has used my product key before to activate their system!

This second hand computer I'm using has had both an Acronis and a Todo backup of the entire hard drive made with the files stored on both a Flash Drive and an external Hard Drive.  I suspect though that the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system on it was obtained from a bogus source.  That is the main reason I wanted to purchase the genuine disks from Microsoft. However, as you say, I might have actually purchased a very professional imitation replica!

Well if I can't contact Microsoft by email, I guess I'll just have to try by phone again and be a bit more aggressive next time.

Windows Vista and 7 / Re: Problems created by Flash update of AMD Fuel ?
« Last post by Lisa_maree on June 24, 2019, 05:54:21 PM »
Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your computer

If this started after you upgraded AMD fuel perhaps it would be an idea to use the version on the Asrock cd .
With CPU based graphics i would un install the Catalyst control center and disable AMD fuel. Just load the drivers for the FM2 CPU.
Computer software / Re: User Account Control
« Last post by DaveLembke on June 24, 2019, 05:18:51 PM »
Please don't post same issue to multiple locations. I answered it at the other post you made for it linked below.
Windows Vista and 7 / Re: Problems created by Flash update of AMD Fuel ?
« Last post by DaveLembke on June 24, 2019, 05:15:36 PM »
I would verify that you have the correct AMD driver for the GPU of the APU for your system. I am assuming your just running the APU since its a socket FM2. At the website linked below you can select "processors with graphics" and should find your APU listed there to download the proper driver for it.


If you added a higher end video card to the system into the PCIE slot then you will want to get the driver for that card.

Once you have the correct drivers the problem should be fixed.

Only other thing that I have seen cause ovals which should be circles is older games that were not designed for wide screen displays. However this is usually cured by sacrificing some of your screen area to have black dead area on left and right by setting the resolution to something that is square like 1024x768 or a higher resolution that conforms to a square aspect ratio vs wide screen ratio.
Windows 8 / Re: User Account Control
« Last post by DaveLembke on June 24, 2019, 05:05:18 PM »
Have you tried a different mouse yet to verify that its not the mouse that is acting up?
Networking / Re: Access denied on certain websites
« Last post by DaveLembke on June 24, 2019, 05:02:50 PM »
Curious if you have tried using a different browser other than edge such as Firefox to try to get to these sites and have same results or not?
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