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Hardware / Re: Need a recommendation for a 4 bay USB 3 external case
« Last post by DJ Zio NYC on Today at 11:08:34 PM »
Thanks for the reply. I actually have 2-2 bay and 1-4 bay Nethear NAS boxes. I use them primarily for archiving. I originally had a single external USB drive for docs, downloads, music and images but I outgrew it over a few years time, especially for music (1.2T) and images (~1T). I use the WMP Play To feature for music and networked drives just don't fly with it.
Hardware / Re: is this pc good enough for office work
« Last post by BC_Programmer on Today at 08:04:29 PM »
Well according to the Original post it's using a Xeon  and has 8GB of RAM.

e5410 is a 10 year old Xeon but still holds up, I think, for modern tasks. With 8GB of RAM as well I think it should work well enough, but of course that depends what "Office work" is. For word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, etc. It would work just fine.

I have a similarly configured system I built in 2008 which has a QX6700 which is considered less performant than the e5410 which I have used without problems for software testing, and debugging as well as web browsing without issues with Windows 10.
Hardware / Re: is this pc good enough for office work
« Last post by Mark. on Today at 07:44:15 PM »
that's the official, as-new, specs, but due to the age, has anything died and being replaced?, any components been upgraded?
Hardware / Re: is this pc good enough for office work
« Last post by Salmon Trout on Today at 05:46:11 PM »
Dell Precision T3400 (Core 2 Extreme QX6800 2.93GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, XP Pro 64-Bit)

It's similar to the PC I use at work, in a government finance office - I need web browser, MS Office, that's it. The big drag on performance is the lousy LAN & WAN performance, and the fact that we are stuck with XP and Office 2003, until March 2018, when we are getting Windows 10 and Office 365. And new PCs. So I would say, "yes", but with reservations.
Windows 10 / Re: copy text from image
« Last post by strollin on Today at 05:26:41 PM »
You can't cut and paste text from an image.  You could edit the image and crop it so that you only get the text but it's not possible to paste it into Word as text, you would need to insert the cropped image into Word.

You might be able to run OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software against the image and it MIGHT be able to extract the text.  OCR software often comes packaged with a scanner so if you have a scanner it may have included OCR software.  If not, there are free OCR packages dfor download or even websites that you can upload the image to and run an OCR scan.  Use your favorite search engine and search for "OCR software".
Windows 10 / Re: Do I need to download the "new" Windows 10 add on?
« Last post by patio on Today at 04:54:44 PM »
Hope it works fine for you...keep us posted.
Press either SHIFT key 5 times in succesion. A dialog box will open regarding "sticky keys".
Computer software / Re: screen saver
« Last post by Deuxdad on Today at 04:37:46 PM »

Try "John's Background Switcher". It will pull pictures from built-in suggested websites and/or locations you specify. Incredibly customize-able. You can find it here: https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/
Windows 10 / Re: Do I need to download the "new" Windows 10 add on?
« Last post by debby on Today at 04:01:53 PM »
The last time the notice popped up it said something different.  Instead of "ask me later", it said "remind at a later date".  That's why I haven't had one of those pop-ups to send to all of you.  Just dawned on me...duh!  However, last night when I went to shut down my computer, I had options I have not been having.  It said either "Update and leave computer on", Update and turn computer off", or sleep.  I clicked Update and turn computer off.  I don't notice anything different today with the computer.  But if it comes up again, I'll let you guys know!  Thanks y'all!  (Yes, I'm from the South)

You guys are so good to me!!!
Hardware / Re: is this pc good enough for office work
« Last post by Mark. on Today at 03:55:32 PM »
from the little info you have provided, I'll go out on a limb and say Yes.
but, really, what is the age, HD size, history, cost, OS?
define 'office work'?
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