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Hardware / Re: Missing onboard graphics
« Last post by pogo on Today at 10:53:04 PM »
Thanks Dave Lembke for confirming the missing HT.  I researched the 4570S on google.  The 4570S is a reject i7 missing the HT function.  I've got the CPU, GPU VIA Sound & Flash drivers updated & the 4570S is a really good CPU.  The comment about the BIOS date is pertinent.  My board has American Megatrends 4.6.5, dated 6/30/2014.  version V01 is available.  According to ECS, to flash a more recent BIOS I must jumper 2 pins & reboot to reset the ME.   My board has only 2 solder balls, no pins.  ECS says, " if the computer is running OK (which mine is), don't mess with the BIOS.  I think I will leave the BIOS as is.  What does "Worst Board there is" mean?  The H81H3-M4 is a Mini ATA board & only handles 8 Gb of memory, has only 1 pci-e slot & 1 pci slot.  It has been reliable for me.
One importaant note:

CompactFlash was prepared on Windows 10 with two partitions: 5GB DOS FAT32 and rest NTFS.
Installed was DOS 7.10 - without any problem, also with Windows 3.11 (of course Windows that age was on-the-half GUI for DOS) - installation and access without problems.

Vista cannot recognize anything...
How is it possible?

Windows 3.x/9x/ME / Re: Windows 3.11 WFW start problem - SYSTEM.INI
« Last post by MIRKOSOFT on Today at 07:36:28 PM »
Thank you very much!

Now it is solved.
Windows works.

Thank you again.
Default on Vista DVD are not, I used drivers from diskette.

Q is - I'm now using Windows 10 - can Win10 driver help?

I doubt Vista will recognise that device...What drivers shipped with it ?
The line needs to be in the [386 Enh] section of the INI file.

The error is because you have too much RAM. (More than 256MB).

I tried install Vista on my old laptop to CF card connected by CF to IDE2,5" adapter.
At installation it found no one device - Itried to load Windows 7 CF driver by Hitachi, but helped not.
Can anybody suggest me any driver for installation to CF card?

Other Q is about customization:
I want to change system font like it is possible in Windows 8. When I was using Windows 8 I changed system font to custom and I was satisfied.
Is it possible in Vista?

Thank you for each help, reply or comments.
Windows 3.x/9x/ME / Windows 3.11 WFW start problem - SYSTEM.INI
« Last post by MIRKOSOFT on Today at 04:23:03 PM »

I installed MS-DOS 7.10 and then Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.
All was correctly installed, when I rebooted computer and typed WIN, Windows logo shows and after moment it reports error message:

PageOverCommit error in SYSTEM.INI
Decrease value or if not exist, create new and set less than 4

I opened SYSTEM.INI and found that value not, so I created line:

PageOverCommit = 1

then tried to start Windows again and the same mesage appears...

Can me anybody explain what a problem it is and how to fix it?

Thank you for each help.
Windows 8 / Re: Windows unable to start
« Last post by patio on Today at 01:45:53 PM »
He's been necromancing old Posts since early AM...
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