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Web design / Re: need help for some really simple html
« Last post by newfunland on Today at 10:12:50 AM »
haha guess it not so simple, figured a input box and submit button would be pretty easy guess im wrong . still cant find anything on how to do this, i mean i can do an input box, a submit button, just don't know how to set it for a temp variable in html to be referenced to, and agin it doesn't not to be saved to a database, jsut needs to be displayed look pretty andbe able to get the input that was temperately saved
Windows 10 / Laptop Randomly Powering Off
« Last post by Enoshade on Today at 10:07:36 AM »
(I hope I'm not in the wrong section, and since I'm new to this forum please pardon me if that is the case)

 Hello, I am here to ask for help with my laptop, which has recently had a keyboard replacement after multiple keys stopped working. Ever since then, I've been having problems with it randomly turning off (the effect is identical to tapping power button or going into sleep mode) and this has been messing with my usage of it. I have tried a few quick fixes I've found through google - including resetting power plan settings and switching to high-performance power plan since my laptop's battery doesn't work anymore either way.
 I am not completely certain that it is linked to getting the keyboard replaced, but it seems probable that that might be the case, though I would still like to get some other possible fixes.
P.S: I have close to no experience with disassembling computers, so if it turns out that it's a hardware problem, I'll probably have to have it fixed at a repair shop anyways.
Computer software / Re: Windows boot files on a seprate Hard drive
« Last post by patio on Today at 07:53:56 AM »
The PC wonuldn't boot without boot files in proper location on C:\...
Computer software / Re: Windows boot files on a seprate Hard drive
« Last post by BC_Programmer on Today at 07:29:25 AM »
What "Windows Boot files" are on this drive? It may be a recovery partition.
Computer software / Re: Windows boot files on a seprate Hard drive
« Last post by DaveLembke on Today at 06:33:30 AM »
Far easier to backup your data and perform a clean install of Windows 10... Its a nightmare in moving windows from one drive to another without loss of data when you have data spanned between multiple drives. Here are the steps I'd do if reinstall of Windows is not an option.

Get a 3rd Internal hard drive ( assuming this is a desktop computer that can support 3 hard drives connected ). Use the 3rd drive and copy an image of the Windows installation drive and all of its partitions to that 3rd drive and hopefully just a single partition on the other drive containing your data so you end up with 4 partitions. The 3 that Windows 10 requires + the 4th with your data from that other drive, so your merging 2 drives drives 1 and 2 into drive 3. Windows 10 will have hidden partitions that need to come over. One of the hidden ones is 100MB, the other will be a recovery partition and varies in size.

If the other drive is broken up into multiples of partitions you have a great big mess on your hands and should just backup all important data to an external or cloud storage and then perform a clean install. Then bring your data back to a clean build.

Here are some links that can get you into trouble if you dont know what your doing:




Be sure to backup your data to an external drive or cloud storage before making any changes or playing with imaging software.

Also if it works, you could always just use it as it is. I had a SSD that I started running out of space on and I ended up spanning to an HDD so that everything looked like it was at C: but symbolic links were used to span to another drive. It creates a mess if I ever wanted to back up multiple drives, but I backup my data so I will just perform a clean install next time and to a larger drive than a 90GB SSD.

Computer software / Windows boot files on a seprate Hard drive
« Last post by Frankie on Today at 05:01:00 AM »
I've just noticed that someone installed the Windows 10 Pro, boot files on a separate Harddrive. I want to take this drive out and have my windows boot files on the same drive as the rest of the windows files which is on C: drive. The boot files are currently on the i: drive and I don't want them there, so how do I get them onto the C: drive with the rest of windows? Please can someone give me an easy solution to this problem. Thank you
Web design / need help for some really simple html
« Last post by newfunland on Today at 01:47:28 AM »
so long story short i'm not the greatest at html, nor am i fluent in it, and i been googling all day getting thrown in circles landing o the same pages over and over and over, it's pretty insane how google over the years keeps getting less useful as a search engine, literally my last search got me to a page of animal picture, completely unrelated to HTML and what i was trying to do and now i'm here.

All I want To do is have and input text box, a button that's clicked, and the value that was entered into the box is temporary save, and display on screen, it does NOT need to go to a database, it douse not need to be permanently saved to my site, it just needs to sit there look pretty and and get referenced to for other program i am using.

If anyone can point me to a good tutorial ( not just some 3 lines of code that only 1/8 related to what i need to do like w3 school did to me all day) or if you just wanna make it yourself and share, i seriously doubt it would take any time at all for an experience html user. thanks in advance, it will be a late reply im tired its 3 am and im tired of searching.
Computer software / Re: How Would you Build this PC?
« Last post by BC_Programmer on Today at 12:29:32 AM »
You would need it to be running a Server version, or only allow one laptop to use the system at a time, in order to prevent violation of the EULA. Consumer (Home and Pro) editions of Windows are only licensed for One user to use at a time. Office 365 is probably similar in some respect but being cloud-based I'm not sure how that works.

From the Windows 10 License Terms, 2. (c)(v):

The manufacturer or installer and Microsoft reserve all rights (such as rights under intellectual property laws) not expressly granted in this agreement. For example, this license does not give you any right to, and you may not:

(v). use the software as server software, for commercial hosting, make the software available for simultaneous use by multiple users over a network, install the software on a server and allow users to access it remotely, or install the software on a device for use only by remote users;

 and 2. (d)(v):

Remote Access: No more than once every 90 days, you may designate a single user who physically uses the licensed device as the licensed user. The licensed user may access the licensed device from another device using remote access technologies. Other users, at different times, may access the licensed device from another device using remote access technologies, but only on devices separately licensed to run the same or higher edition of this software.
Computer software / Re: How Would you Build this PC?
« Last post by Geek-9pm on Today at 12:08:24 AM »
You are very explicit about the hardware.
If it is where you can not see it, Why does it matter what it has in it?
If budget s not a major concern, then spend some money on some company and can help you get a system that meets your needs.
Just maybe As us  or Gigabyte already have a deportment that does costume designs for people with special needs.
Do you need or want high-speed Internet? Do you have a fiber optic link where you olive?
Do you have a 24 /7 UPS?
If you system is over powered, might  you consider selling part of the bandwidth and storage to others who  need a VPN?
Computer software / Re: How Would you Build this PC?
« Last post by Mark. on October 20, 2017, 11:33:34 PM »
each user of the PC would have their own logon account (profile) and all their stuff is kept in their C:\Users\ folder.
yep, you can use VPN or Remote Desktop(RDP) or whatever, from the current laptops to access this new rig, but they would only benefit in using it's storage - not memory or grunt.

but if this connection method was going to be the mainstream maybe instead of Win10, you may want to investigate Win Server.
but.... (more ideas)... if this new rig, as far as the other PC's are concerned, will only be used as a central storage device, why not get a NAS(Network Attached Storage) box.
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