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Author Topic: Settings and Files Messed up after Unplug  (Read 1483 times)

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    Settings and Files Messed up after Unplug
    « on: March 10, 2012, 01:32:33 AM »
    Hi! So my settings and files get messed up every time I use my computer after unplugging it (unplugging = while computer is off). When I start it up, I get this:

    Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting

    Press F1 to run SETUP

    Press F2 to load default values and continue

    I press F2 (I have no idea what anything in the setup means, I'm an idiot on computers) and I can use it normally except there are a bunch of visual changes (theme, other things) and missing files, or at least I think so; all games I've tried won't start or will start and have many things missing and not work.

    After Googling this a bit it seems like my battery is failing and I need to get a new one. I can do that, but meanwhile how do I get back my things? When this has happened before I just did a system restore, but this time there aren't any restore points so I guess I'm stuck. One time I remember finding something that worked, it was typing something in the command prompt but I can't find how to do that anymore... so I'm  here.

    Is there a topic on here showing how to get specs and what to show?
    Sorry I'm so difficult lol



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      Re: Settings and Files Messed up after Unplug
      « Reply #1 on: March 11, 2012, 02:54:34 PM »
      Please tell us information re the computer and also what operating system you are using? Curious as to why you are "unplugging " your computer? Is this a laptop?truenorth


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      Re: Settings and Files Messed up after Unplug
      « Reply #2 on: March 11, 2012, 08:26:44 PM »
      Part # CR 2032...available pretty much anywhere...
      Remove all power sources when replacing it and take anti - static precautions...
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