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Author Topic: Computer screen is blue, it statespassword required will not allow typing  (Read 6901 times)

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    My Computer screen is blue, it states password required ( blinking) but will not allow typing.
    I can not get passed this sage and open computer to start fixing any issue. Ultimate goal is to crash ( erase all data and start over.  What are my steps in getting the computer to open.
     I have pressed the keys [email protected] and others as directed. I can not even get into a mode desred.
    What is my next step. I have disconnected and reconnected , rebooted, turned all electrical off and on.
    What can I do next.? What does this mean?
    Dell Demensions 4700 Bios Version A03  Windows XP   Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2,80 GZ
    Siometime states Keyboard error but I have retrierd different key board with same results
        Thanks JImbo1956


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    Here is some information about password problems.

    Information about chaining a password is found elsewhere because of CH policy.

    Contact Dell and they can help you with a password problem.