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Author Topic: Sh4ldr removal help windows 7  (Read 38600 times)

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Re: Sh4ldr removal help windows 7
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2012, 01:41:45 PM »
ESET Online Scan
Please run a free online scan with the ESET Online Scanner
  • Tick the box next to YES, I accept the Terms of Use
  • Click Start
  • When asked, allow the ActiveX control to install, or it will ask to download an installer. Please do so an install it.
  • Click Start or wait for the scanner to load.
  • Make sure that the options Remove found threats and the option Scan unwanted applications are checked.
  • Click Scan (This scan can take several hours, so please be patient)
  • Once the scan is completed, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
  • 1. If NO threats were found, allow the scanner to Uninstall on close and then close the Window.
  • 2. If threats WERE detected, click on List of Threats Found, Export to Text File...save it as ESET-Scan-Log.txt. Click the back button/link, put a checkmark to Uninstall Application on Close and then close the window.
  • Open the logfile from wherever you saved it
  • Copy and paste the contents in your next reply.

Any more issues?

We need to know any other issues that are plaguing your computer. Kindly give a summary so we know how to continue from here.

Many of the things to note for us would be:

  • Slow computer
  • Error messages
  • Fake antivirus alerts or the icon in the system tray
  • svchost.exe running at 100%
  • System crashes or blue screen of death
~Dr Jay


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    Re: Sh4ldr removal help windows 7
    « Reply #16 on: October 17, 2012, 04:15:16 PM »
    Yay! No threats found! And, so far, i'm not being redirected anywhere. Now can i safely uninstall Spyhunter?


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      Re: Sh4ldr removal help windows 7
      « Reply #17 on: October 17, 2012, 04:21:08 PM »

      Follow up questions. How do I safely remove the malicious SpyHunter 4 program I got tricked into downloading to fix the original sh4ldr virus? I've read that 'Enigma' created both the virus and then the fake fix program. I've heard uninstalling normally can cause it to erase my BIOS?

      Also, the sh4ldr folder is still in my C: as well as it's accompaning temp file. I know I need to safely remove them from my computer as well. Lastly, are there registry files that will need to be cleaned? 

      Thanks again!!!!

      From TDSSKiller report:

      13:02:44.0098 6932  [ 2ED464C8CBC399E69FBF776A8EBC3302 ] SpyHunter 4 Service C:\PROGRA~1\ENIGMA~1\SPYHUN~1\SH4SER~1.EXE
      13:02:44.0134 6932  SpyHunter 4 Service - ok

      In Combo Fix posted report:

      2012-10-14 11:02 . 2012-10-14 11:02   --------   d-----w-   C:\sh4ldr
      2012-10-14 11:02 . 2012-10-14 11:02   --------   d-----w-   c:\program files\Enigma Software Group

      Dr Jay

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      Re: Sh4ldr removal help windows 7
      « Reply #18 on: October 18, 2012, 09:37:33 AM »
      Enigma Software Group is legitimate software company that have a lot of hating people. It's their fault they ruined their own reputation, but it's not a big deal. I think you can uninstall it via the Control Panel and be in good hands.

      Here is a VirusTotal scan of that file that was running in the processes list from SpyHunter: https://www.virustotal.com/file/4a0df1d6220c3d93d0502a576b758705f554af3ae32f65ca5d0208336afa43b4/analysis/

      This is a SpyHunter folder: sh4ldr, literally "SpyHunter Folder".

      However, your computer was infected by a serious rootkit, which had nothing to do with SpyHunter, Enigma Software Group, or the like.

      We will finish up now to make sure your computer is protected from malware in the future.

      Clean up System Restore

      Now, to get you off to a clean start, we will be creating a new Restore Point, then clearing the old ones to make sure you do not get reinfected, in case you need to "restore back."
      • Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > System Restore.
      • On the dialogue box that appears select Create a Restore Point
      • Click NEXT
      • Enter a name e.g. Clean
      • Click CREATE
      You now have a clean restore point, to get rid of the bad ones:
      • Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk Cleanup.
      • In the Drop down box that appears select your main drive e.g. C
      • Click OK
      • The System will do some calculation and the display a dialogue box with TABS
      • Select the More Options Tab.
      • At the bottom will be a system restore box with a CLEANUP button click this
      • Accept the Warning and select OK again, the program will close and you are done
      Run OTC to remove our tools
      To remove all of the tools we used and the files and folders they created, please do the following:
      Please download OTC.exe by OldTimer:
      • Save it to your Desktop.
      • Double click OTC.exe.
      • Click the CleanUp! button.
      • If you are prompted to Reboot during the cleanup, select Yes.
      • The tool will delete itself once it finishes.
      Note:If any tool, file or folder (belonging to the program we have used) hasn't been deleted, please delete it manually.
      Purge old temporary files
      Download CCleaner Slim and save it to your Desktop - Alternate download link
      When the file has been saved, go to your Desktop and double-click on ccsetupxxx_slim.exe
      Follow the prompts to install the program.
      * Double-click the CCleaner shortcut on the desktop to start the program.
      * Click on the Options block on the left, then choose Cookies.
      * Under Cookies to Delete, highlight any cookies you would like to retain permanently
      * Click the right arrow > to move them to the Cookies to Keep window.
      * Go into Options > Advanced & uncheck Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours
      * Click Cleaner on the left then Run Cleaner on the right to run the program.
      * Important: Make sure that ALL browser windows are closed before selecting Run Cleaner
      Caution: Only use the Registry feature if you are very familiar with the registry.
      Always back up your registry before making any changes. Exit CCleaner after it has completed it's process.
      Security Check
      Please download Security Check by screen317 from SpywareInfoforum.org or Changelog.fr.
      • Save it to your Desktop.
      • Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
      • A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.
      ~Dr Jay