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Author Topic: i format my pc and now it wont start, allthought it will start in safe mode:S  (Read 1873 times)

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    ok this is my problem, i had major problemes with my pc, first started with shuting down, then it wouldent start at all, so i tryed to start it useing BIOS, it worked so i decied to format my pc and i did that, then it shut down druing the instalation of XP, so i had to restart everything format it again and well install xp again, and now the pc wont start up, well if this is any help at all when i turn the pc on it starts when it comes to the windows xp logo loading it restarts, then when it starts again i get the option to start it normaly, last good conf, safe mode etc i try everything and only safe mode works, so im realy stuck cant get my head around it. if anyone could help me out i would be greatfull.

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    Have you attempted to install it again? If not, I would try that first. It may have just been a bad install. If it fails a second time, download memtest86 and test your RAM. Also, download your hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic disc and check the health of the hard disk.

    Try those three things. Install again, test memory, test hard disk. If it still has issues we'll go from there.


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    Sounds like you may want to start looking at a replacement PSU as well...
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