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Author Topic: How to share folder to a lan and a lan&internet but not all viewable?  (Read 2014 times)

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    Here's what i wish to do with my network:-
    1. Make a computer(A) as a server by sharing it's folder to network, and also make this computer cannot access to internet.
    2. Make 5 computers(B) that can access shared folder at (A) and can see each others in network, but not internet.
    3. Make a computer(C) that can go internet, can access the shared folder at (A), but not seeing others computers(B) in network.

    I having a router and a switch.

    Computer (A) having single port built in MB network card.
    All computers window7 64

    Any suggestions how to do this? Please Help


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    Re: How to share folder to a lan and a lan&internet but not all viewable?
    « Reply #1 on: January 25, 2015, 10:31:39 PM »
    Rather than giver you a specific answer, I will refer you to a general document about networking and other things in Windows 7 that limit the power of users.
    n this first lesson you will learn what a user account is and what the most important characteristics of a user account are. Then, we will go into detail about the types of user accounts that are available in Windows ...

    ... Next, we will explain the concepts of user groups and permissions. As you will see, these concepts are important when sharing with others on the network.

    You can create users on each computer that can only get into some areas or all areas of the network. Of course,  your must assign passwords to prevent users from doing a log-in to  an account above their level.

    An alternative is to use the features of your route. However, routers differ in this area. That is why I have recommended a limit of  privileges of the users as a more flexible and easy to do method.

    Also, Windows 8 and Windows 7 differ is some details about users accounts. But either have enough control that you can limit the how users connect to the network.

    Anther way is to limit which browsers they can use and modifying the browser for that user. Patents do that for their kids.
    How To Block Internet Explorer From Accessing The Internet
    Hope that helps.  :)