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Author Topic: Bot - Hopebot, funny story of my first *3 strikes* & input about inproving bot  (Read 11666 times)

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Hey, Im NIX / Nixilus you may see me on IRC sometimes, I'm pretty new to computer hope.

soo...I stuck it out but this was my first day on computer hope irc

Introducing myself, talking a little bit about myself, mostly idling, helping answer a few questions

I said a curse. bs, except the whole phrase.

***!!!*** 1st strike warning. cursing is bad ***!!!***

Thought to myself, "dang, better be more careful next time"

corrected myself saying, "sorry I meant *BS* "

***!!!*** 2nd strike warning. cursing is bad***!!!***

Thought to myself, "Its okay, I just have to completely censor myself and suppress my frustration"

things got better, and I started actively jumping in to help people. Someone came in needing help setting up wordpress on linux, needing help with permissions and file ownership, so i started Informing user about chown and chmod, the linux group "www-user" came up a few times, after i said it the third time:

***!!!*** 3rd strike for spamming urls ***!!!***

i was thinking "???? *www-data* is not even a true url if you misinterpreted it..."

lol temp kicked for that, all good now

but I think its a funny story. Also, shows that sometimes bots are not people and can always stand to be improved.  I know its for anti-spam, but now im afraid to name off linux groups :P


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Hopebot is somewhat hopeless. It's mostly a result of Nathan (CH Admin) rolling their own bot rather than using readily available IRC bot software.
I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool.


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He is a bot. His stuff is not funny.   >:(


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The bot has so many flaws that need sorted, IMO it shouldn't be issuing bans when it is so buggy.  I remember a while ago when it classed "SSH" as swearing which has caught me out before.

It's a classic case of continuously tweaking it to handle the different ways people try to get around it with insufficient thought or testing to see how it would impact regular users. Probably has something about people replacing dots with hyphens to spam URLs, hence www-data flagging it.