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Author Topic: install a game into my tablet from a disc without a disc drive in my tablet  (Read 1090 times)

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    Hi there, My name is Jeen วิธีแทงบอลสเต็ป

    I want to install a game on my tablet. the game is on a disc. I don't have a disc drive on my tablet. how can I install the game without a drive?


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    Where did you get the game?
    Many games are specific to Operating System.
    What kind of tablet do you have?

    Nowdays many games are not on CD or DCD.
    Instead, they install as a called 'Apps'   and are  found on wone of the online stores.
     Apple Store
     Google Store (Android)
     Windows store
     Amazon  Appa Store

    Many are free, others require a modest purchase.

    Did anybody say taht yhour game will work on your tablet?


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    If the tablet could even run the game, thats saying the tablet supports x86 or x64 running Windows and isnt just ARM with Android, the other issue is many installation disc's for games require the original game disc in the drive to play as a means of preventing piracy. So If you did find a way to get the game on there, you might need to keep a external USB DVD drive attached to play the game etc.