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Author Topic: 2 questions  (Read 938 times)

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    2 questions
    « on: September 22, 2018, 11:29:12 PM »
    hello family,

    1)  here is something interesting.
    if you "invest" you should check out the Motley Fool.  his advice is usually worthwhile. 
    i hope i copy/pasted correctly...


    2)  hopefully i'll have enough $ saved for a new computer.
    i'm "old school" and prefer a desk top, but might consider a laptop for portability although i'd question that because i've read that they're not as secure as desktops.

    however, what do you all consider the best brand of computer to purchase ?  i'll have to give up win 7 won't i ?  bummer...   :(

    many thanks. 
    ask questions to get answers.


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    Re: 2 questions
    « Reply #1 on: September 23, 2018, 12:55:44 PM »
    No need to give up on Windows 7 unless there is software or security reasons to do so.

    As far as investment advice ... I kind of do my own thing as for if something was a good idea to make money then everyone would jump on board with it and then the profitability of it is in over-hyped for something that isn't all that special but an advisor that so many follow run with it and inflate its value to which those holding the investment that didn't get out at the right time are left holding the bag ... that is empty of their cash they once had. Unable to check out that link from work, but will check it out later. I have seen ads by MotleyFool sponsored on Yahoo, AOL, and other places. Sometimes an interesting read and sometimes click bait to advertising buying into something.

    Desktops and Laptops of the same OS Version and Software installed are just about equal for security. Other than that a laptop is easier to tuck under their arm and run away with vs a desktop. But if you don't have physical security from someone having access to touching the computer then that's a bigger problem.

    I say if you like desktops buy a desktop. If your looking to save space and don't mind that it would be more costly to repair if there was a problem buy a laptop.

    Pros to a desktop is that they are usually far more upgradeable than Laptops. Additionally almost any desktop computer out there can have a better video card slapping into them and be able to handle more graphically challenging applications, whereas unless the laptop has a slot available for a video card addition or upgrade then your forced having to buy a better laptop for a better GPU/Video Card.

    I own a Tablet, Netbook, laptops, and Desktops and they all have their pros and cons.

    If your going with a low cost computer just be sure is running Windows and not Chrome OS if you plan on installing games and software to it. Make sure the storage capacity is great enough for everything you plan to do, such as a laptop with only 32GB of Drive Space is very tight and more commonly found in ChromeBooks where they are used mainly for surfing the web and typing documents and that's about it. However I bought a low cost Tablet for $68 that came with Windows 10 and 32GB of storage capacity and the free space after the OS is installed from factory is about 4GB of free space. Its so limited in space that I am tempted to span the capacity to a MicroSD card for infrequently used data with a Symbolic Link making part of the MicroSD look like its the C: drive in order to perform a Windows 10 update that is failing due to insufficient free space.

    As far as what computer to go with, I'd say look at the customer reviews and don't buy into anything that has no reviews. This is how I decide on my purchases is the guinea pig method of elimination where if the guinea pigs reported problems then I avoid a product. If they report praise that a product is good and very few negative feedback reviews then I will generally then buy it with a greater possibility of having a quality product that will last vs buying something blindly and buying into problems.

    The $68 Tablet with Windows 10 was a blind buy. I bought it thinking its a great deal without looking at feedback reviews first. Got it and then soon realized I should have read the reviews which people complained about 32GB being too small and spend the money for a 64GB storage tablet vs 32GB storage tablet with Windows 10.

    Why do you need to get rid of your Windows 7 computer, since you like Windows 7? Is it ill and could it be repaired inexpensively? Or its too slow for a software application you have because its a weak processor etc?