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Author Topic: Setting Up Port Forwarding on Shaw Modem  (Read 638 times)

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    Setting Up Port Forwarding on Shaw Modem
    « on: February 18, 2019, 01:05:22 AM »
    Hi there,

    I am trying to set up my personal Plex Media Server so i can access my personal GoPro videos outside of my home network.

    I have recently moved out on my own, and am having difficulty setting up port forwarding on my router/modem, as it appears to be blocked now.

    I have very little experience when it comes to network experience. I have tried reaching out to my provider, Shaw (im in Canada), and they flat-out told me they do not offer advice for this service, despite it being available in the router settings.

    It looks like the model of router is an Arris TG3482G.
    The firewall has IPv4 and IPv6 options, though i do not know what this is referring to.
    Under my Port Forwarding page, i see that it is enabled, and the settings shown are (not even sure if its ok to provide my IPv4/6 connections as i dont know what they are):
    HTTP | TCP/UDP | Start Port: 80 | End Port: 80 |

    when i use the Open Port Check tool, i get "Error: Could not see your service on **********, reason: no route to host"

    Yes, i have tried to google port forward guides on the specific model, however for my specific case i am not sure how to determine what connection i should use for the Plex server.

    If there is any more information i can provide, please let me know and (if you dont mind) please provide in an ELI5-level of explanation. Im not computer-illiterate, just network-illiterate!

    Thank you in advance!