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Author Topic: Problem with Micro Stutter/LatencyMon  (Read 1245 times)

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    Problem with Micro Stutter/LatencyMon
    « on: June 08, 2019, 04:50:07 PM »
    My computer stutters (especially on boot and in games like CS:GO). I ran bunch of tests that didn't determine much, so I thought it might be a hardware issue. My problematic drivers appear to be the NVIDIA kernel driver, NDIS, and the ntoskrnl drivers. I tested this with LatencyMon and when I did a clean boot it was even worse; I get stutters in games and freezes after booting up.

    My specs:

    CPU - I7-8086k (i7-8700k)GPU - 1080TIPSU - 750W PlatinumMotherboard - Asus z370-fCooling - Corsair H115i RAM - Corsair 16 GB Vengeance 3600mhz SSD - NVME M.2 970 EVO

    All drivers are from Asus and are up to date. I also use the Nvidia driver 430.64 because it works better for me than the newest one.

    I bought an MX500 SATA SSD because I thought my M.2 wasn't working; tested my RAM several times with different tools; tested my CPU with Prime95 and also did UserBenchmark and 3DMark a while back; I also brought the PC to my local computer shop and had it tested and reassembled. They said it ran fine - not sure I believe them though because I showed them the stutter in their store...

    My PC has many different symptoms:

    Stutter when a game launches and throughout the play session.

    On bootup it freezes for 1 second in the beginning.

    This happens when I open programs like Faceit AC or Teamspeak. https://imgur.com/gallery/j9zzywl

    If I have Chrome open with a YouTube video on my second monitor and then launch CS:GO, my second monitor would freeze until the game started. I would still get the audio from the YouTube video, but the FPS would drop significantly.

    When I enter BIOS my PC goes into an infinite loop of restarting and shutting down immediately - it will boot and then the power will just cut off. This will go on until I power down my PC and start it normally.

    My BIOS is extremely laggy; when I click a tab (like Advanced Settings) the pictures freezes for 1 sec.
    I tested four games with these results:

    CS:GO - Stutter in the beginning and sometimes my client-side VAR jumps to 2-3 and there is some input delay.Minecraft - At launch I get insane stutter and then just occasionally. The mouse movement is a lot more choppy than in CS:GO.League of Legends - I get a little bit of stutter when opening the shop for the first time.PUBG - INSANE STUTTER when first going into a match. Getting better with occasional stutter later on.I also get some weird lightning effects when running Heaven Benchmark on the buildings etc.

    Things I've tried:

    Changed graphics card to my old GTX 970 - no changeTried different monitor - no changeChanged from DLAN to an ethernet cable which is literally 20m long.Reset WindowsReset and updated BIOS

    I am at a point where I am pretty sure that my problem is hardware related or something is really messed up inside my PC.

    I downloaded two programs WhySoSlow and LatencyMon:In WhySoSlow the issue is Kernel Latency and real time capabilities. It can hit up to 4ms https://imgur.com/a/Wte411b

    In LatencyMon the drivers above 2ms are NVIDIA kernel driver, NDIS and the ntoskrnl drivers. Whenever the NVIDIA kernel driver hits above 2ms the interrupt to process latency goes up as well. NDIS only appeared when I did a clean boot; and ntoskrnl only appears when I don't run any games. LatencyMon light example. https://imgur.com/a/LJS6kRi

    I bought a z390-E motherboard from Asus now and when it arrives I will test if the lag still occurs; if it does IŽll have to buy another PC - so if any of you have any good ideas or know what else it might be please let me know.

    Thanks for the help :)

    Reference: LatencyMon https://www.reddit.com/r/Advice/comments/bxsg0t/latencymon_problem/


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    Re: Problem with Micro Stutter/LatencyMon
    « Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 01:14:51 PM »
    Seriously no need to Quote the previous Post...
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